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James M. Osak

About James Osak

About me

     I enjoy helping people! I usually side with the 'underdog' in my

litigation experiences. I have represented clients with many types

of legal problems including: Divorce; Landlord-Tenant; Collections;

Traffic Offenses; Drug Offenses; Wrongful Death; Torts; Wrongful

Termination; Employment; Union Issues; Defamation; Job Issues;

Wrongful Demotion; Overtime-pay Violations; O.W.C.P. Violations;

Administrative Issues; Negligence Issues and more. My prices are

competitive!  I talk to you and try to guide you to the right place

to be for your problems. If I can't help you, I know other lawyers

who probably can assist you. I have flexible hours including night

and weekend meeting times. Let's talk.