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  • Can any good come from talking with a detective who contacted me for questioning. I am truly innocent, and can't believe this.

    My grandfather was on hospice and other members of my family we're taking prescription medication. I went to visit him the day he died, subsequently said medication came up missing. I have a criminal history, so naturally my family banned together...

    Scott’s Answer

    100% of the time, my answer is NEVER speak with the detective alone. Nothing good can come from talking to them. They will use any admission to help prove their case. Any denial will not help you because they will just assume you are lying about it.

    If you are absolutely set on speaking with them, hire an attorney and have them talk to them. This way it insulates you from incriminating yourself.

    There are plenty of 10.0 rated AVVO attorneys that focus on criminal defense that you can choose from.

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  • Could I be charged with indecent exposure or even more charges?

    I was in my apartment complex and as a part of my new medication regimen (I have PTSD) my doctor has been testing out different drugs to see which suits me. I have been taking pills that have been giving me random arousal. I was outside at the tim...

    Scott’s Answer

    I would be careful what I say on public forums about your case. You could be charged with indecent exposure or worse, depending on what the kid says.

    If asked to talk with a detective do not say anything. Call a lawyer at once.

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  • Am I elegible for an expungement

    In 2007 I got in trouble with the law and caught a drug case. I end up getting a delayed sentence and completed it a year later. Now the delayed sentence they say because I completed it, it was if I got found not guilty. Unfortunately I got a...

    Scott’s Answer

    It is hard to say based on the information you provided. The law changed earlier this year. With some exceptions, the new expungement law allows you to set aside one felony if you have up to two misdemeanors. Or you can expunge up to two misdemeanors if thats the only thing on your record. A couple of things to keep in mind:
    1. driving on suspended is a misdemeanor conviction (most people don't realize this)
    2. You must wait 5 years from the completion of probation, parole, or sentencing whichever occurred later
    3. HYTA, 7411 and other types of dismissals or delayed sentences are considered convictions under the new law (and only under the new law).

    So the answer depends on whether or not your deferred sentence was a felony or misdemeanor.

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  • My boyfriend was arrested for retail fraud 1st degree at Somerset in Troy Mi.

    He has a criminal past but has been law abiding for more than 10 years. No drugs or alcohol. He is the main income household. We have a 1 year old together and he has adopted my two older children

    Scott’s Answer

    You absolutely need an attorney familiar with Troy / Metro Detroit area district court criminal matters.

    Look for 10.0 rated AVVO attorney ASAP.

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  • If I'm currently on probation for a felony but I am placed on hyda does it show up on my background check ?

    Probation for uttering and publishing

    Scott’s Answer

    Keely is correct. The only thing I would add is that the place to check your record through the MSP is as follows:

    Keep in mind if it does show up on ichat, even after you get it corrected at the MSP, it still may show up on private databases which employers use to run background checks. The best way to remove them is to send them notices to most of the large databases or find a good attorney with a list of them that can do it for you.

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  • I was convicted of a felony retail fraud case over one year ago and want to get it expunged.

    NOTE: THIS APPLIES TO MICHIGAN. I was convicted of a retail fraud case (felony) and finished my sentence which was incarceration for 90 days. I have not had any further legal issues since then. Can this be expunged? I've heard some prosecutors say...

    Scott’s Answer

    You can expunge this 5 years from the date that you completed probation or incarceration as long as you have no more than 2 misdemeanor convictions on your record in your life. This type of expungement in Michigan is called setting aside a conviction.

    Somethings to keep in mind:
    1. Driving on suspended licenses are considered criminal convictions
    2. Deferred Sentences, sentences successfully completed under 7411 and HYTA are considered convictions ONLY for purposes of this statute

    You can

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  • I wasn't giving a ticket for drunk driving but he took my license and jailed, reported to secretary of state for refusal blow

    can they still charge me for drunk driving 2, and for refusal to blow but they took blood, they told my friends that they were releasing without bail, but now my license is suspended and my plate is taken. I was giving my rights or a tickett

    Scott’s Answer

    Absolutely. In fact it is normal for blood draw cases for them to charge you much later, often times several months. There is only one lab for the state of Michigan which means that often times the lab is backed up. You shouldn't wait until you get charged to hire the attorney. Certain pieces of evidence, like dash cams need to be preserved ASAP. They may not be saved by the time you are charged. Dash cam footage is often your best defense and tool for finding police mistakes and exaggerations. If you refused the test, you need to request an administrative hearing to be heard on your license suspension issue as well. That needs to be requested ASAP!

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  • Facing third owi in kent county Michigan. Refused breath test at site of accident but did one at station no blood test.

    have had three owi offenses in the state of grand rapids Michigan one in 1995 second in 2004 and my third 2015. what are my chances with a good attorney?

    Scott’s Answer

    Your chances with a good attorney are significantly better than with a normal attorney or an attorney who is not familiar with OWI law. I don't have enough information to really answer this question. I'd need to know who your judge is, what your datamaster test results were, whether or not you completed any field sobriety tests (and how you performed), and the reason you got pulled over to begin with. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has developed specific protocol for OWI stops that many Michigan police departments follow (but are not required to).

    Not blowing on PBT does give you a much better shot at winning on a probable cause motion as most officers do not give the Field Sobriety Tests correctly based on NHTSA. This is especially true if you can prove that the officer's were trained to use NHTSA methods. Keep in mind NHTSA uses 3 phases to determine whether there is probable cause for an arrest, and only the last phase is Field Sobriety Tests.
    This means they could in theory win on probable cause even if you didn't submit to any FSTs.

    As you probably know, third OWI in a lifetime is a felony. You need to get the best attorney you can afford!

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  • I got a disorderly intoxication

    My judge is Julie Nicholson. I know all three of these judges are tough. How tough is she ?

    Scott’s Answer

    Very very tough! Most likely this offense will be considered much more serious than it would be in many other courts in Metro Detroit. I'd recommend hiring an attorney to assist you ASAP.

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  • Open intox violation for car i wasnt driving or was the car in my name?

    was involved in a traffic stop, i informed the officers i had my cpl, the officers made my friend blow in a breathelyzer, i was asked but refused due to the fact i was not drinking, upon refusal the cop told me he was taking me to jail and was go...

    Scott’s Answer

    You absolutely need to hire a criminal defense attorney to assist you with this. With this fact pattern I think you have a lot of options and could get this case resolved favorably.

    -Attny Scott Aaronson

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