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Jalal Jamil Dallo

About Jalal Dallo

About me

"I consider myself honored any time a client retains me to help them.  And that makes me only work that much harder for each and every person.  NEVER GIVE UP."


The DALLO Law Firm, PLLC is a general practice law office that welcomes all:

1) TRAFFIC (DUI, Open Intox, Speed, Accidents, etc.)

2) CRIMINAL (misdemeanors & felonies)

3) CONTRACTS (All commercial and person)

4) FAMILY LAW (Wills, Divorce, Prenuptial Agreements, etc.)


6) IMMIGRATION - including:

  1. White Card,
  2. Green Card,
  3.  Any Family and/or Marriage Petition,
  4. Employment,
  5.  U.S. Citizenship,
  6.  USCIS interviews,
  7.  All INS hearings,
  8.  Work visas,
  9.  US Border matters,
  10. Deportation,
  11. Asylum, and
  12. ANY matter requiring appearances and litigation before the Federal Immigration Courts.



Mr. Dallo graduated from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. He founded Paper Enterprises, buying and selling land contracts on the secondary market.


In 2005, Mr. Dallo was offered a High Honors Scholarship and subsequently enrolled in Thomas M. Cooley Law School.


In 2006, during his law school career, Mr. Dallo earned a judicial clerkship in Oakland County at the Sixth Circuit Court for the Honorable Edward Sosnick.

In the summer of 2008, Mr. Dallo clerked part-time for Bigler Barker, PC, a reputable medical malpractice firm and produced what the president called "excellent work."

Mr. Dallo graduated from Cooley, earning the Leadership Achievement Award.

Mr. Dallo is the founder and president of The Dallo Law Firm, practicing mainly in the areas of Immigration and Criminal Law, including traffic, misdemeanors, and felonies.


Fluent in Aramaic (Chaldean); Understands Arabic; Research & Writing; Litigation

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