H. Joel Newman

H. Joel Newman

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H. Joel Newman lays out the most common causes of shareholder disputes in corporations.
Attorney H. Joel Newman discusses focus of his business law firm, Shareholder Oppression, business litigation.
Advise for those considering business litigation from one of Detroit's to commercial litigation lawyers.
Background of attorney H. Joel Newman and the firm he founded. Specializing in Business Litigation and Law.

About Me 

H. Joel Newman has a  long record of exceptional results, driven by a passion to win for our clients. He was an original shareholder in Hyman Lippitt, where he practiced for 21 years before forming the present firm.  Joel has represented everyone from individual plaintiffs to multi-national corporations. Every client is our most important client and every case is a must win. We handle complex litigation, including shareholder lawsuits, business litigation, attorney malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits, freeze-out litigation, breach of contract, accountant malpractice, and more.


Joel lives in Oakland County with his wife Viola and their children.


Please see the Firm Website for Joel's case histories, example clients and for more detail about the practice. hjoelnewman.com