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Erin Morgan Klug

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  • In a business license is there a difference between the use of "and" and "&", and can you use either or simultaneously?

    For example if I registered "Sugar and Whisk"as my business can I use "Sugar & Whisk" for the logo? If these are distinguishable, can I register both names under one license? Thank you!

    Erin’s Answer

    I agree with the answer above. Try to remain consistent. Also, when it comes to trademark law, you must figure out exactly what you want in the mark (i.e. the & or and) before you file and stick with it. Good luck!

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  • Where should I trademark my record company logo?

    Should I trademark my record company logo in the State of Michigan only or should I trademark my record company logo at I would like to trademark the business name as well?

    Erin’s Answer

    The answer depends on where you are using the mark and/or where you intend to use the mark. If you are only using in the state of Michigan and have no interstate commerce, then you cannot obtain a Federal Trademark Registration. However, with the internet, zero interstate commerce is a rare situation. If possible, apply for registration of both your company name (word mark) and your logo (design mark). This will afford you the broadest protection.

    I happen to be a Michigan trademark attorney. Feel free to contact me with any further questions.

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  • Regarding trade mark

    if I would like to trade mark a name , and I do the research the the trade mark site my self, now what are the rules of names for example if I have a cleaning company that says "ray's cleaning" and on the search engine theres a name similar like "...

    Erin’s Answer

    I suggest calling a local attorney to give you basic answers to some of your questions. They can be answered in a short phone call. Most attorneys will give you a few minutes of their time free of a consultation cost. It appears that you may have some problems with your mark being generic/descriptive. As such, I highly recommend you speak with an attorney.

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