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Probate and Defense of Will, Rendering of Accounting, and Defense of action to Transfer Non-Probate Assets into Estate

Case Conclusion Date: 08.27.2009

Practice Area: Probate

Outcome: Accounting rendered successfully. Petition to recover assets not granted. After these outcomes, plaintiff agreed to a settlement dismissing her case and allowing the probate of the will and continuing of the estate adminstration without her.

Description: Attorney Kalamaros represented a daughter-in-law and other heirs of a deceased lady who had named the client her Personal Representative in her will and also disinherited her daughter. The daughter sued to contest the will, remove the client as P.R., demanded an accounting, and petitioned the court to order the client to transfer into the estate, her joint bank account and insurance monies received as a consequence of the decedent's death. That petition was denied, nor did the accounting reveal any problems. Discovery was taken concerning the will contest and after motion practice defendant took a settlement dismissing her contest.

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