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Rogelio Dominguez

Rogelio Dominguez’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by mike

    Roy "Michael Jordan" Dominguez

    I think its safe Roy Dominguez is the Michael Jordan of the law in northwest IN. He is a very responsive attorney that has more awards and credentials in his field than anyone i have ever met in my life! He has the stature and swagger of a GQ magazine man of the year, and a presence in the courtroom that is guaranteed to be seen and even felt! To put it simply the name Roy Dominguez rings bells in this town and surrounding cities! I have be trying to get my license fixed/reinstated for years (at least 4) and once roy was hired my drivers status was clear within a 3 month span. and had my finances been in order i feel confident that it would have been even sooner than that! which brings me to my next point. the man may as well be a saint his prices are so reasonable and most importantly flexable! when a legal situation arises, often its not the best time for it according to your bank account roy completly understans this and will work out a payment plan with you that both parties can be comfortable with. If u need a lawyer in the chicagoland area there is none better than Roy D.!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    Roy is THE best!

    I hired Roy for a major legal issue I am having. First of all Roy responded right away when I first called him with this issue, and even text me! At the time I was not employed and I have a baby on the way so money was very tight. Roy understood this and really worked with me on his fees and gave me the most reasonable price. He also knew I needed to focus on my home life and get a new job, so he handled everything with my legal matter so I really didn't have to. I only had to go to court one time and Roy even got me out of community service (which would be hard when the baby comes, plus I'm working now) and no probation!!!! Roy handles his cases very seriously and with compassion that cannot be compared to. He also knows the ins and outs of the legal system very well so his experience is not matched by anyone else. I would strongly recommend Roy Dominguez to anyone that is in need of legal representation!!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Exactly the kind of Attorney I needed

    I was referred to Roy for a criminal matter that I was innocent of. I needed a lawyer who would be an advocate and help me fight the charges. After the first consultation I could tell he had the knowledge and experience to help me. This man knows what he's doing! His fees are extremely fair and I can already see he fights vigorously for his clients. So far he has been able to answer every question I've had so I can tell he knows the legal system very well. He used to be the Lake County Sheriff so he knows the system really well. He doesn't have the typical attitude of many lawyers which males him really easy to talk to and down to earth. One of the coolest things about Roy is not only is he easy to get ahold of when you need him but you can even TEXT or email him and get a quick response. That makes it easier than playing phone tag & waiting for faxes. Overall I'm very glad I found Roy. He cares about my case as much as I do and works hard to get me results. If I ever need a lawyer again, now I know who to call. A+

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Effective DUI lawyer

    I had a difficult case and Attorney Dominguez was able to provide aggressive and effective legal representation. His office was easy to find and he had wonderful communication skills. He took care of my case and let me focus on my work at home. Overall great guy, great lawyer, and very down to Earth. A++++++++++++ service.