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David James Steele

About David Steele

About me

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Ball State, I moved to Denver, Colorado. I spent two years working in group homes for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities, as I had done for four years in college. As much as I loved doing that, I really wanted to go to law school, while staying in Colorado, so I applied to and got accepted into the University of Denver College of Law where I graduated summa cum laude. During the summer after my first year of law school, I studied abroad at The University College of London School of Law. While there I met my wife to be and managed to convince her to move back to Denver with me where we were married. Since neither of our families lived anywhere near Colorado, we decided to move back to Indiana, the state I was raised in, to raise our own children around their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

I originally practiced in Kokomo where I was able to be both a Deputy Prosecutor and start my own private practice where I did a little bit of everything, but focused mainly on  family law, including divorce, child support, visitation issues and everything else associated with divorce. While serving as a Prosecutor, I had thirteen felony jury trials ranging from pedophilia to murder, and obtained 13 guilty verdicts. I was elected President of the Howard County Bar Association at the age of 31, the youngest ever. That experience proved invaluable and undoubtedly made me a better attorney.

This is what I learned as President of the Bar: People were, more often than not, disappointed with their attorneys. It was a constant stream of complaints that their attorneys took their retainers, and they often felt that was all they did. They could never get any updates on their cases and they couldn’t get their phone calls returned. Yes, we are busy people, but no attorney is so busy you cannot return a phone call. Every phone call. That is why I sincerely and genuinely run my practice by the three principles I have listed on the front page of this website. I will ALWAYS keep your file in motion, never allowing it to sit idle. I will return every single phone call and email and I will never, ever, overbill you. I take great pride in the fact that, through thousands of cases, my clients are almost always happy with they way their case was handled and, just as importantly, how they were treated. I am a child of multiple divorces and I have a seven year old daughter. I try to treat every case as if it was my own because I fully understand what is at stake. Because, while I may have hundreds of cases at any given time, I am acutely aware that your case is the single most important thing happening in your life at the moment, and I swear to you I will treat it as such.

As far as me personally, I have a beautiful wife and a seven year old daughter who is so intelligent that it scares me. She was named Cassidy after a Grateful Dead song. I am an expert skier who misses the mountains every day. I worship Charles Dickens and fear that he will be lost among our youth and their short attention spans. I despise social media and believe reality TV and celebrity worship are the scourge of our society.  I stay active in the special needs community and enjoy sponsoring autistic children so they can attend a special camp every summer.

 I take a lot of pride in what I do.  And it reflects in the way I practice law. 

Steele Legal Group represents clients in Indianapolis, Fishers and Noblesville. I am happy to provide a free, first-time consultation to discuss the facts of your legal situation. Click here to contact me.

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