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Charles P. Ward

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  • How Can I Make This 10 Stars? 5 Doesn't Do Charlie Justice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ed

    Hired attorney

    You might as well stop looking now because, no finer law firm can be found. Charlie and Don Ward are quite possibly the most unique attorneys in the state of Indiana, if not the Nation. They are not just attorneys they are compassionate caring human beings that CARE. When my Father was diagnosed with Leukemia, Charlie came to his home and listened to his wishes and instructions and began his work. Within a few days Charlie returned and provided my Mother and Father everything they needed to plan their estate. He made it so easy and painless for them, truly amazing. When my Father passed away, Charlie took care of everything in a prompt professional manner that left my Mother with not a worry in the world about the distribution of assets and property. Charlie has helped my Mother plan her final instructions so she now lives with the comfort of knowing that my Sister and myself will have no problems with her estate. Heck, Charlie even calls my Mom each Christmas & Birthday to send his best wishes ... where else would you find that? Charlie has also helped with my late Father-in-law's estate. Charlie provided the same unparalleled service to my Father-in-law as well. Charlie can be a firm and straightforward individual that may come off a little harsh at times. This is because Charlie tells it like it is ... no sugar coating. Charlie will not just tell you what you want to hear .... he tells you what you need to know .... the good and the bad! I guarantee that there is NO FINER Law Office in the State of Indiana ... Period! Charlie is not just an excellent attorney he is and Excellent and Compassionate Human-being! Not only has The Ward and Ward Law Office provided superior estate service but Charlie helped me recover compensation for personal injuries I suffered in an auto accident that I NEVER would have received without his expertise and direction. Charlie is truly a 10 Star Attorney that will EXCEED your Expectations!

  • Truck Accident

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrea

    My husband, Josh, was struck and received multiple life-threatening and catastrophic personal injuries back in 2012. We had the opportunity to work with a wonderful attorney, Charlie Ward of Ward & Ward Law Firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. Charlie was available to us at any time, night or day, and helped us out during this difficult and troubling time during my husband’s long period of rehabilitation. With patience and hard work we were able to settle the claim and put it behind us. I would like to thank Charlie for his help and all that he was able to do for Josh and me.

    Charles P. Ward’s response: “Andrea, you and your family have been through so much. I'm pleased we were able to help your family. Thank you for the kind words.”
  • Nothing but the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tammy

    Eleven years ago we lost my dad in a horrible auto accident. I will be forever grateful to a family friend of ours, Marty S., who encouraged us to contact Charlie ward. Charlie represented Marty in a wrongful death case when she lost her mother in an accident as well. Charlie worked countless hours on our case and so closely with our family in order to represent us the best way he possibly could. Charlie not only cared about our case, but also about our emotions and grief in losing dad. He found a wonderful balance in fighting for us while also respecting how difficult it all was. There was never a time that we couldn't contact Charlie and that he wouldn't drop everything to talk to us. Charlie is a family man who is fair and just. I never knew you could become life long friends with "your attorney" but that is the relationship we share. I thank God that He brought Charlie in to our lives during some of the most difficult fight for us when we couldn't even fight.

    Charles P. Ward’s response: “Thank you Tammy. You and your family hold a special place in our hearts.”
  • Dog Bite - Personal Injury Claim

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Barbara

    When my daughter was three, she was bitten by a dog. We were new to the Indianapolis area, and I did not know which personal injury law firm to contact for my case. I contacted one of the large law firms in Indianapolis, and due to a conflict, they were unable to help me. However, the attorney then recommended and referred me to Charlie Ward at Ward & Ward Law Firm. I was so grateful for the recommendation. Charlie guided us through the entire process of filing a claim with the dog owner’s insurance; took photographs of the injuries; and actually listened to me when I said that the insurance company’s offer was too low. We then went before a judge, explained the reason I felt my daughter should be entitled to a higher award for damages, and it was granted. Charlie handling my case, made it much easier to deal with my daughters injuries, and not having to worry about the claim.

    Charles P. Ward’s response: “Thank you for your remarks, Barbara. It was my pleasure to help you and your daughter.”
  • Auto Accident Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    A few years back I was involved in an auto accident in Indianapolis, Indiana. I sustained
    personal injuries in the accident. Upon hearing of my situation a friend of mine suggested
    that I contact personal injury attorney Charlie Ward in Indianapolis. I was very pleased with
    the results and would recommend him to others. It was the best decision I ever made.

    Charles P. Ward’s response: “It has been a pleasure working with you Stephen. Thank you for the kind words. Charlie”