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Justin Thane Bowen

Justin Bowen’s client reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Christopher

    Worst I've ever known.

    I hired Bowen for what he agreed should be an open and shut case. Seems the only thing he shut was his efforts. The night before our court date was the first time he got back to me about the case. It stayed that way the entire time with poor communication. The day of court he had me sign a "temporary 90 day agreement" (his words) that would be settled and I'd have state visitation back.

    That still hasn't happened three years later. Bowen missed multiple court dates and may of cost me thousands in child support that I had a motion for reduction in on. He went to mediation with me and while waiting conducted other business through email and texts. Mediation ended and I thought we had agreed on going back to state guidelines. Instead he behind closed doors didn't agreed to anything.

    I also caught one of his paralegals trying to pretend to be an attorney and representing someone else in a "case" against us. When the paralegal found out we were already Bowens clients her story changed right up until she was fired or resigned.

    Three years later I'm still trying to fix his mess of not filing motions as directed, (multiple emails and calls) not showing up for court as ordered by judge and he even had the audacity to try and start billing. Despite the promise of being flat rate.

    My original court date he also met with another couple that was in court next door for their agreement as well. Lord knows how their case has ended.

    I'd stay as far away from him as possible. His brother, whom I knew from Afghanistan, was an honorable and funny man; Bowen did not inherit those traits.

    I reported him years ago to the state bar and never even got a response. Somehow the file was lost... Probably like all the other bad reviews I've seen before they got deleted from the other sites.

    As for his review being 1 star that's an overall rating. He is horrible at returning calls, emails and messages. His staff have me the run around multiple times when trying to contact him. Including telling me he was in court when I was in hallway and had just seen him enter his office. He is however very knowledgable when it comes to the law. I can't say I ever had a question he didn't know the correct answer to.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ryan

    Helpful and Knowledgable

    I hired Bowen & Associates to help me with an employment issue where my prior boss did not want to give me earned compensation. Mr. Bowen was very helpful and informative with ways that I could handle the situation. He gave me a number of options and let me choose what I wanted him to do. He worked out a deal with my prior employer and I finally received my earned compensation. I would still be dealing with this headache if I hadn't hired him. I would recommend Bowen & Associates to family and friends needing an attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joyce

    Exceeded expectations

    This was my second divorce, and after a bad experience with my first lawyer, I shopped around a lot. I'm glad I did because I could not be happier with the work he did and the attention to detail Justin provided to me. It's evident when you talk to him the first time that he is very knowledgeable. But to me that's the easy part. What Justin does is brings his years of experience to you and you just feel very comfortable and safe at a very difficult time. Because of my prior lawyer, I was still a little bit untrusting of Justin until our first hearing. One word: AWESOME. Very well prepared, he knew the other lawyer and the judge, and it just felt so different from before. He is absolutely excellent in court. Actually, I forgot this until just now: my husband told me when everything was finally over that the main reason he settled with me was because of what he saw Justin do in our first hearing! He said his lawyer told him it would get worse at the final hearing, so he decided to not risk it. You know when your ex compliments your lawyer you have a good one. Hahaha - that's one of the few times that jerk ever admitted to being scared or intimidated - which is funny because Justin is actually very nice - outside of court. :) Anyhow, I cannot imagine what would make him better - other than I got upset once when it took him a day to call me back. But once I understood who he was and how he operated I was totally fine. The best out there - period.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Amy

    Light at the end of the tunnel

    The Bowen Law Firm was a tremendous help during the difficult period my children and I endured during my divorce. Justin Bowen helped to navigate and shine a light through the murky waters of the divorce process. His staff was competent, efficient, and above all treated my family with dignity and respect. He knew my intentions were only to secure a safe and happy childhood for my children and made that his prority. Divorce is never something that anyone looks forward to or views as a positive thing and Justin and his staff made us feel protected and had our best interests at hand. His staff was always in communication with me. This alone made me feel more in control of the procedings. I was able to call or email and get a very quick response whenever I had a question or concern. I will use Justin and his team in a future matters as they made a hard situation as painless on my children and I as possible. I really never thought that I would find a law firm that would view me and my family as real people and not just a case. We feel very blessed to have had such a great team looking out for us and helping us.
    Many thanks,
    Amy C.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Devenie

    Contract Dispute

    Very professional and understanding. Clearly covered all options, expressed the best/realistic possibilities but still left the final decision to us.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff B.

    Kicked butt!

    I hired Justin to represent me in my divorce and child custody hearings. I was very nervous because I was told that fathers sometimes get a raw deal. Thankfully Justin did an awesome job representing me and really helped me get through a difficult time. I'm very pleased with the outcome and grateful that I had him on MY side.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rusty

    Bowen Law was a blessing.

    I was arrested and charged with DUI roughly a year ago ( 2010). This proved a very difficult time for me personally as well as professionally. As an RN, I not only had to suffer the consequences of the legal system, but also had to sit before the Indiana State Board of Nursing and accept the corrective actions of said Board.

    Mr. Bowen proved a steadfast presence during the legal process and was a knowledgeable adviser prior to my sitting before The State Board. Bowen Law was always available to field questions that arose on my part. Furthermore, I was never in the dark as to the process and legal proceedings taking place. Mr. Bowen maintained a calm, confident, and professional demeanor throughout my proceedings.

    Bowen Law was certainly a beacon of comfort and an invaluable resource during this difficult period in my life. Bowen Law was and is my Law Office of choice and I have no problem recommending their services to you and your family.

    Rusty Hunt, RN

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ellen

    Exceptional Knowledge and Superb Service

    I retained Justin Bowen to represent me in my divorce and subsequent child support and custody proceedings. This was a very stressful and scary process, but Justin's knowledge of the law and experience put me at ease every time I spoke with him. He was always quick to respond to me with a phone call, email, or an invitation to stop by his office. Justin is devoted to his clients and he provided an excellent level of service and intelligence in executing our strategy and achieving our goals in this process. Bowen Law will absolutely be my first choice for any future legal needs.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Knowledgeable Attourney

    Mr. Bowen was there to help me when my family had run into very tuff times. My husband went into cardiac arrest and as a result suffered from a massive brain injury. Mr.Bowen helped me with the guardianship process and continues to support me and my family through all of our continuing leagal needs.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Great attorney

    Very good attorney. I have used him twice and he is very informed and kept me very informed. I would hire him again and would not hesitate to recommend him.