My former husband filed for divorce two years ago. For various reasons, I had to ask my lawyer to withdraw, but had a mediation and court date in a few days. I had previously talked with Attorney Hester and was impressed with her knowledge and understanding. I hired her on a Monday and on Tuesday she was at my mediation session working out a detailed divorce decree. She didn't stop until the agreeement was signed the next day, avoiding the court date. She did a great job for me and I will save so much on future legal costs because she was able to craft an agreement that will hold up for a long time, and addresses college, which my first child will be attending in a year and a half.
My previous lawyers left me open for problems, and I spent two full years with constant worry and a large legal bill with nothing to show for it.
Thanks to Judy Hester, I have peace of mind, and will be able to move forward with a great future for my family.