Andrew Richard Bucher

Andrew Richard Bucher

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Attorney Bucher focuses his practice on assisting persons charged with OVI/DUI across Northwest Ohio. He sets himself apart from other OVI attorneys through his training wich includes certification in NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, training in Headspace Gas Chromatography (the process used by all Ohio crime labs to analyze blood and urine samples), and his continual training in OVI specific topics through the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the National College of DUI Defense.

In addition to this training that is OVI specific, Attorney Bucher is a graduate of the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy. This allows him to take a scientific approach to those cases where chemical testing of some sort (breath, blood, or urine) is conducted.

In addition to OVI, Attorney Bucher files Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases to provide a "fresh start" to people who find their lives consumed by excessive debt.

Attorney Bucher accepts select personal injury cases and traffic cases that are not OVI specific.

Attorney Bucher has extensive experience assisting CDL holders with traffic matters that can put their careers at stake.