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  1. 10 miles over the speed limit, 1 light out, and failure to change address on lic: I have an arrainment date set. what do i do?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Frank Mascagni III
    2. Susan Louise Gwinn
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    I would suggest pleading not guilty to everything regardless of whether you may believe you are guilty of some of the charges and contact an attorney. In all likelihood an attorney can get some of the charges dismissed or reduced. The points from these charges can greatly affect your insurance premiums so it is probably worth it.

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  2. I was informed that I had a speeding ticket in Ohio last year. I have not been in Ohio in 5+ Years. How do I get this off record

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Edward Jacob Sternisha
    2. Daniel P. Hilf
    3. John Albert Abom
    4. Susan Louise Gwinn
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    First you need to get a drivers license abstract from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to see if the mistake is the insurance companies or was a mistake at either the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles or in the court system. If the charge is actually on your driver's license abstract with Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles you need to determine what court sent the record to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, in other words where do the records indicate as the location of the offense. You would next...