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David McNamee’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    Hired Attorney

    Common Sense, Intelligence and Client Respectful

    David McNamee is one of the most successful attorneys practicing in the Greene, Montgomery and Warren County courts.
    He is especially good at domestic relations matters, traffic matters and criminal defense. David is intelligent, has common sense and respectful of clients. He listened very carefully to me and it was quite obvious he knows and is well liked by those who operate the courts. Probably his greatest strength is his ability to carefully select a legal strategy and then execute it with professionalism. Simply put, he is not afraid to fight for his clients! All of these depictions have made David very successful. Besides, he is a great guy and he projects a zest and enjoyment for what he does for a living!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Monica

    Most satisfied client

    David counseled me through my divorce recently an though it was lengthy he was always very helpful and understanding with all the questions I've had. I also hired him in 2007 for a child custody issue and he was just as good then. I would and will highly recommend him to anyone needing a good honest attorney!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I highly recommend David McNamee ! He is very Trustworthy, Honest, and Experienced in giving his expectations of your outcome!

    David took my case after I fired my original attorney. He was very prompt to answering my questions and took care of me every step of the way. I called with numerous questions and he always returned my calls that day or within hours of my calls. He was always correct in the expectations of numerous scenarios throughout my case. David has the Experience and the Professionalism to give you the best outcome without false hope.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    One of the best divorce attorneys ...I have recommended David to my friends and family

    I have had the benefit of having David McNamee on my side with two family law situations. After trying to finalize my divorce for over 14 months I released my previous attorney and sought out the help of Family Law Attorney, David McNamee.
    It was quite clear to me in my first divorce conference with David that he was ethical and meant business, within a few hours he made a few phone calls, sifted through a bunch a non-issues and got to the bottom of what was holding things up for 14 months and started to address the real issues. His experience in family law was very obvious.
    In my opinion David was always up front with me communicating the details of what needed to be accomplished in a timely and qualified manner. He was always considering my budget and keeping my situation affordable.
    The second time I hired David was directly related to the custody of my child and shared parenting. Most importantly, David placed my child first and fought for me as a parent. For any parent out there who has children and wants to have a fair chance at being involved in their children’s lives should consider hiring David McNamee.

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Best in the Area

    I hired David Mcnamee for my divorce after a few people highly recommended him. I have a good friend that her ex husband used David and she has now hired her 5th attorney to stick up against him. David is extremely responsive. Anytime I have a question and call him, he will call me back shortly and help keep me up to date and informed. He has also helped me by keeping me calm and helping me keep my emotions out of it. He also tells me how it is and he makes no false promises. I went thru my divorce in less than 6 months and he helped me knock it out quickly.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    MY Experience is quit different from others on here!

    This will be long but worthy. I went through a horrible money hungry x-wife with a divorce 7 years ago. I original hired Chuck Lowe which at the time was suppose to be the best attorney. Chuck was the worst. He took my $20k retainer and burned it up with BS! He was the worst attorney you could find. After, firing him and hiring another attorney that didn't want to untangle Chuck's mess I fired that guy as well. Not for a bad job but he didn't want to spend the time to fight the things that Chuck got me to agree too.

    As far as Dave McNamee he was also referred to me by the Greene County Prosecutor at the time. Which was about 5 years ago when I first hired him. I have used him since for all the ongoing drama that never seems to go away. If, you can imagine the worst accusations from an X that is my case. Dave, has been an OUTSTANDING GUY! What others have said on here can only seem to be the opposing x that he represents??? My experience has been completely different from any reviews on here. I have used Dave for 6 different issues with the ongoing battle. From completing my divorce after the first experience, to winning shared custody ( I AM THE FATHER), reduced child support, domestic violence, to assault on my child, You name it. He has helped me. He has gotten me through all with treating me right. He keeps his word. He tells you how it is. Tells you when you have the chance and when you don't. Most attorney's in my eyes are liars, cheats and thieves! This is NOT Mr. McNamee.

    In fact, he has treated me very fair on fees. If, you want the cheapest fees find someone else. If, you want the highest fees higher Chuck Lowe. If, you want the best in town Hire Dave. This is my opinion and I have had lots of experience with attorneys over the last 10 years. Don't get me wrong Dave can be an ass at times but that's his job. And there were times I needed to be checked up. But, this is why you hire a smart, tough attorney that has what it takes. My x has hired 6 attorney's so far and all have been different battles and outcomes.

    I personally could not be more pleased with Dave. I just wished my X would go away and I could move on with raising my children. Hope this helps with your decision to hire the right person for your needs. I know I did with Mr. McNamee.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Dave McNamee, very professional and an excellent lawyer

    Dave knows the law and will tell you what to expect given the situation. He doesn't make false promises about how the case is going to work out. What he told me was going to happen in my case happened.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client


    David McNamee has been my only Attorney for the last 10 years. He isn't afraid to tell me what I do not want to hear if he knows the end result will be the right move. He's won every single case for me. He has always looked out for what is best for myself and my child and never sugar-coated anything or made false promises to me. He's also been very fair in the amount he charges me given my income. I highly recommend David to anyone seeking a very knowledgeable and fair Attorney! He's helped me with child custody matters, child support matters, and domestic violent matters. Don't believe the words of disgruntled people who might have walked into his office with a losing case or on the other side. I am sure he did his best with what they provided. I highly recommend David, 100%!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Jack

    DO NOT HIRE!!!

    Hired this guy for a divorce. He was on the cheaper side so I thought I would give it a shot! I should have known when I was interviewing with other attorneys and I mentioned David McNamee, they just laughed and warned me! Live and learn. Not only is he non-responsive, but he CONSTANTLY delays hearings! He promised me the world at the beginning and at the end of the day, I was screwed and would have done better myself! Well, I lost the case and my ex got everything under the sun.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Will not make effort, it is all about the money

    - We made deal for pay 5K up front to take care of the case 'for ever', it was not complicated. Due to delays and lack of will/effort on his part, this dragged out for a couple of years. His profit ratio was not there, so would not file paper work or help me and my family past the initial year. Kept blowing off my emails, phone calls, said would take care of it but never would. Numerous contempt actions should have been filed, working with other lawyer or even following magistrate's direction to resolve the matter outside of court.

    - Tried to make me agree/sign deals that put me in financial ruin when we had no reason too. Again, his goal was for my case to go away. I lost 1000's in missed child support because he would not file contempt of court. Why not? I could not get an answer, I tried really hard.
    - He made crazy deal without my approval and actually stopped child support I received 2 months before he could find time to file agreement paperwork that offset the loss of child support. He tried to force me to agree to the said deal. I said NO multiple times. After consulting with multiple other lawyers, the proper deal was finally done. (thanks to those lawyers for their input)
    - Money issues have gone unresolved no matter how much I beg for his help, case is closed, I have no money for another lawyer. I have no choice to but get a new lawyer to help with the current unresolved issues, going to 'lose' that much more money.

    Most definitely avoid this lawyer, although seems like most will take advantage of you if you let them. This one will, even if you don't let him. It is about the path to least resistance for him, profit margin, will say what you want to hear to start then assume you lack will/understanding.