He was recommended by a family friend that had read about him on several occasions in the local newspaper. I had consulted with 3 other attorneys and JP Rion was my last stop. The only other attorney I considered using quoted me $15 - $20K to handle the case with a $10K retainer. I mentioned to him I was going to speak with JP Rion before making my final decision and he had nothing but good things to say about JP Rion and said I couldn't go wrong either way.

At my initial consultation JP Rion listened to my story and said he though he could get it thrown out before a trial was needed. I gave him $4,500 and everything I could come up with to help exonerate myself. After we received discovery from the prosecution we got together to review the evidence and fill the gaps. When we got to the pretrial he did his thing and the charges were dismissed. I never even stepped foot into the courtroom.

The other reviewer stated her husband was charged $4,500 up front and when it was time to go to trial he demanded another $3,000. I was told this by JP Rion up front in my initial consultation. Within a week of paying the $4,500 I received a letter in the mail explaining what the $4,5000 did and did not cover. It also reiterated the additional $3,000 due should we need to go to trial. I had to sign this letter and return it. I would assume this is S.O.P. so I'm not sure why she was surprised.