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About Me

Prior to entering law school, I coached college  students for competitive public speaking tournaments. One of those students, Armond Dunn, was disabled in a car crash. Armond was left with physical disabilities and his speech was impaired.


When Armond Dunn qualified for the national collegiate public speaking championships, the Associated Press covered this “Miracle Kid” and his story became the subject of a national radio broadcast by Paul Harvey.


The experience of coaching Armond Dunn, and all of the student public speaking competitors, ultimately motivated me to enter law school to strive to apply my communication background to the practice of law.,%201981&author=&pub=Los%20Angeles%20Times&edition=&startpage=&desc=Newsmakers,5334595&hl=en,2542302,2947732&hl=en,6225541&hl=en,4360308,2431645&hl=en