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Donald Clark Moore Jr.

Donald Moore’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lorrie

    Hired Attorney

    Medical Malpractice

    Our family contacted Mr. Moore after our father was misdiagnosed at a local ER and was left paraplegic. We knew that our parents would not be able to pay for the extensive care that Dad would require for the rest of his life. Don came to the nursing home to meet with our family and explained the complexities of a malpractice case. He wanted us to go into this experience well informed. After extensive investigation the suit was filed. The lawyers and paralegals always kept us informed of the progress of the case. The defendants did not want to settle out of court so a trial date was set. I did not realize how complex it is to develop a court case. Don, Dan and their employees were exceptional in the planning and trying of the case. The jury found in favor of my father thanks to their dedication. We no longer worry how we will pay to care for him. He is aging in his home with Mom, cared for by family and caregivers. An addition was built on the home to make it handicap accessible. He has a van to get out and about. These lawyers treat you like family and always worked in our best interest. They are truly "David slaying Goliath". We HIGHLY recommend their services.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Defective Products client

    Amazing Attorney, American 'Down Home Values' Gentlemen

    This attorney and his firm were compassionate yet straight forward with all options of rapidly speeding the process while maintaining a careful and meticulous investigation, not only with myself but my family members as well. I was highly impressed with the attorneys and hired professionals getting dirty side by side with the 'blue collar' field experience at my plant and not relying solely on the investigational reports of professionals. Their ability to communicate with the health professionals to stay informed and ensure my proper recovery did not distract from the firm obtaining very comfortable accomodations for my family since they were approximately 300 miles from home. Through every step, I was notified of the current progression of my case and was presented my options. The firm was extremely familiar with my case, therefore all of my inquiries and concerns were promptly addressed, even when the lead personel was absent from the office. In fact, there were many response calls to my concerns that were extremely after normal business hours. The Christian attitude of Mr. Moore (and his wife/kids) demonstrated a genuine interest in my and my family's recovery and well being that continues to the present date. As my family was invited to lunch with Mr. Moore's family after my case was resolved, I learned how deeply Mr. Moore's cases affect him and his firm. He explained through examining art overseas while on vacation, my accident and future recovery instantly triggered emotional thought of the pain my family and I endured, and pondered how the rest of our lives would be altered. In other words, we were not just another tragedy or name on paper to collect income from. As a successful business man as well, Mr. Moore opened his personal experiences of business to direct myself in the ways to pursuing and obtaining success in my interest. Although his class is highly commendable, he maintains his rural roots. That is important to rural families such as mine. To this day, I feel that he maintains availibilty for any advice I may seek from him. I am constantly reminded of that and work he and his firm provided for a better quality of life when I receive a Christmas gesture every year. The mental torment of going through legal action is greatly surpressed with Mr. Moore and his firm and I would highly reccommend inquiring how he and his firm can assist anyone in their time of need.