Charles Michael Miller

Charles Michael Miller

About Me 

Mr. Miller is a litigator with KMK.  He is particularly adept at fast paced, legally intensive cases and matters that present novel issues of law.  Mr. Miller has successfully handled expedited election law cases, challenges to state legislation, and injunction matters. 

Mr. Miller regularly returns to the Ohio Supreme Court, where he worked as a law clerk, as counsel for appellate litigants.  Mr. Miller has represented parties in 10 cases in front of the Ohio Supreme Court in the past four years.  In addition to traditional engagements, Mr. Miller has been appointed by the Court to represent pro se parties in merit cases on which the Court has ordered briefing and oral argument.

Mr. Miller acutely understands the types of arguments that have the highest likelihood to persuade — or dissuade — the Supreme Court of Ohio to decide a case.  He clerked for two years at the Supreme Court of Ohio and worked closely with the justices and the staff involved with the operations of the Court.  Through this experience, Mr. Miller gained a level of familiarity with the institution and the justices that few practitioners have achieved. 

Prior to joining Keating Muething & Klekamp, Mr. Miller served as a law clerk to the Honorable Justice Maureen O’Connor, Supreme Court of Ohio (2003-2005) and as a litigation associate with Gallagher, Sharp, Fulton & Norman in Cleveland, Ohio (2002-2003).