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Duydan Hoang Vu

Duydan Vu’s Legal Guides

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  • Top 5 Reasons Why Having Just a Will in Ohio is Not Enough

    When there is JUST a Will, there is a BETTER Way.

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  • How should I file taxes for my Trust?

    Its tax season again, and therefore, its a good time to cover the basic rules on trusts and tax filing requirements. The good news is that your trust may very likely not require any special filings. To determine what filing requirements must be met, a qualified tax professional ...

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  • The VA's Death and Indemnity Compensation for Surviving Spouses

    The Death and Indemnity Compensation is a commonly overlooked benefit from the VA that is paid to eligible survivors of a veteran. A surviving spouse can receive at least $1,195 a month, regardless of their income or assets. Congress mandated this program to compensate the depend...

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  • Wait and See, Can Turn Into Wait and Pay

    In these last few months of 2012, Congress and the President are expected to come to an agreement on the future of the Federal Estate Tax in order to avoid the estate tax exemption reverting from a 5 million dollar exemption to a 1 million dollar exemption with a highest tax brac...

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