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Brian Robert Wilson

About Brian Wilson

About me

Hello! If you've reached this site it is probably because you find yourself wondering who to turn to because of someone else's carelessness. For 26 years I've stood side by side with Ohioans injured in car, trucking, motorcycle, and medical mishaps in courtrooms all over the state. More than any professional "accomplishments, certifications, or awards," I am most proud of the fact over 90% of my clients come to me because of word of mouth referrals from past clients.  I'm not a "high volume" personal injury lawyer, and you won't see or hear me on TV or radio. Because I don't have hundreds or thousands of clients at any one time, it allows me the privilege of getting to know you and your concerns with a more attentive ear. One of the best things about what I do is that I have become friends with or maintain contact with most of my clients after their case is concluded. More than experience, a good lawyer's stock in trade is being a good listener, trying to understand our clients' plight, and turning those concerns into good advocacy on their behalf.

I also know that I still have a lot to learn in my profession. If I ever feel that I have everything "figured out," that probably means I've missed something, and that it may be time for me to retire into the sunset. Like life, the practice of law should be one of constant learning on the continual path to wisdom. My clients deserve no less.

On a personal note, I have been a youth baseball and basketball coach for years and am an avid walleye and bass fisherman--a certified "fishingaholic," and I'm pretty good at it. I also enjoy gardening and canning and even beer making. I also play golf infrequently--and poorly.   

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