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Renee Jane Jackwood

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  • My 7 yr old son wants to live with me, not his mother. What should I do?

    My ex and I were never married, and we have a 7 year old son together. He tells me he wants to live with me and not his mother. The mother who is the custodial parent, gave her mother guardianship. Dna has been established. I feel like it would be...

    Renee’s Answer

    Your avenue for custody of this child lies in the probate court that issued the guardianship to the grandmother. Your chances of success hinge on whether you were served with notice of the guardianship before it was issued and whether or not you consented to the guardianship in the first place. You can meet with an attorney for $50 - $75 to get all your answers to your particular situation. But Ohio law absolutely favors a child to be with a parent before any grandparents are to be considered, so you may have a strong case to gain custody of your son. Don't wait too long. the longer the child is with grandma, the harder it may be to change things.

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  • Can I be granted visitation rights to my daughter whom Im not the biological or adoptive parent in the state of Ohio?

    My ex and I split up, and she has a 6 yr old daughter, who knows me as her father. I have been in her life for 4 years, as her biological father pays child support to the mother from time to time, but has been absent since she was 2. I don't want ...

    Renee’s Answer

    If you have never been married to the mother, then you need to file a complaint in juvenile court to gain visitation with your biological child. Unfortunately, you are legally a stranger to the non-biological child so getting court ordered visitation is an extremely difficult and unlikely outcome. There is the ability in Ohio to gain visitation with a non-biological child through a "best interests" of the child type of filing, but court tend to not want to deal with them. You have a strong case though since the two children going back and forth together for visits would be beneficial to the children since they are siblings that are fairly close in age. You will need an attorney to navigate the court system for the non-biological child.

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