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Michael Jonathan Wartko

Michael Wartko’s Legal Guides

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  • Ohio Felony Penalties

    Aggravated Murder Minimum Term: Life with parole after 20 years- Maximum Term: Death- Maximum Fine: $25,000- Murder Minimum Term: 15 Years- Maximum Term : Life- Maximum Fine: $15,000- F-1 Minimum

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  • Do I Really Need an Attorney? If So, Who?

    A Person Who Represents Themself, Has the World's Dumbest Client To put it simply, you should NEVER represent yourself. Even in cases where a lawyer has been chaged with a crime, it is advisable to

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  • The Non-Criminal Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

    Many people think that when they are sentenced for an offense, the penalties given by the court are all that they will face. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Even with the most minor of offenses, the lasting effects can be severe. In today's society, employment o...

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  • The Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Attorney

    Knowledge of the Criminal System Most people do not have a very solid understanding of the criminal system, which causes confusion when they are confronted with a criminal case. Even the little thin

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  • The Basics of a Routine Traffic Stop

    Everyone gets pulled over, but most people are not exactly sure how to react when it happens to them. Here are some easy pointers to help get you through your next traffic stop. Good luck to you.

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  • Proper Etiquette in Criminal Court

    For most, court can be a very nerve-wracking experience, you may not know how to act or what to wear. Hopefully you will hire an attorney to guide you through the process, but no matter what you decide to do, this guide will get you up-to-speed on proper courtroom etiquette. Best of luck to you.

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