As a former client with debt issues, I found this attorney able to assist me. However, when he started to bug my classrooms and my home I repeatedly tried to call his office to make my anger known. His response was to not take my phone calls. He didn't return phone calls or kept me waiting on the phone for ten-15 minutes or more at which I eventually hung up. Calling back I never was able to speak with him to talk to him about why he was stalking me at home and at work and was bugging my place of teaching and my home. I found him to be sneaky and deceptive, not discussing his motives for harassing me over many years and invading my right to privacy with his illegal buggings at home and at work. It is more than just harassment. It's illegal to do this, yet that doesn't seem to stop him personally or professional from this abusive and intrusive behavior. At the least, I think his conduct is unprofessional.