I met with Mr. Mills to review my case (1 hour consultation) and provided him with a clear understanding of the case along with copies of all correspondence and documents to date. Following our meeting he indicated he could help me and would get back to me shortly within 2 weeks with a plan of action and a contract to retain his services along with his fees. Over 3 1/2 weeks went by and I still did not hear from Mr. Mills. In the mean time I received additional correspondence pertaining to my case which I immediately spoke and sent them to Mr. Mills. He indicated he would review the documents and send me a plan and contract. I trusted Mr. Mills that he would follow up with me, but 5 more weeks passed without a phone call or letter. I am a sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of experience managing customer accounts and it would be unheard of if I treated any of my current or potential customers in this manner. Essentially I would be out of work or fired. Mr. Mills provided me with very poor service or no service, in fact based on the way he handled or lack of handling my case I don’t believe he is competent either and could potentially drop the ball somewhere along the way in your case. If it was the case that Mr. Mills did not want to take my case I would have no problem with that, just be upfront with me and stop wasting my time. Mr. Mills is unprofessional; do not retain him as your attorney.