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Jerome Anthony Milano

Jerome Milano’s Answers

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  • Is there any way I can use someones past criminal history against them in a new case?

    My friend passed away in a car crash. The person driving the car was under the influence and took two lives that night. This was their 4th DUI and this person has a criminal record that consists of more than just DUI's. At the pretrial it was said...

    Jerome’s Answer

    If the case goes to trial, there are rules about what can be used as evidence. Some of this rules deal with a persons past, including criminal records. So it is possible that all or part of the history will be used as evidence.
    however, the rules are complicated and open to interpretation. Ultimately a Judge will decide what comes in and what does not. The lawyer who handles the case should have a knowledge of the rules and how to use them.

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  • What would be the charge and could they be charged for putting a cellphone in the bathroom to try to video a minor undressing. m

    The minor seen it before undressing and deleted it.

    Jerome’s Answer

    The Crime is voyeurism. It is a felony of the 5th Degree, chichis serious. It would also call for a sex offender registration for a period of 15 years.

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  • What exactly is a "Money Spec." mean?

    I've been indicted on F3 Tampering w evidence, F5 Possesion and 2 counts of money spec. (Does not say what degree of felony) I currently have these pending charges that I'm not prepared to face until I have a proper legal consultation

    Jerome’s Answer

    It is now a common practice for the government to try to seize any money they can. The burden will be on you, if money was seized in connection with your charges, to prove the money is legitimate.

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