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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by shailesh

    601 wavier

    Alex Cuic and his firm is the best for any immigration matters. I hire this firm to help my cousin's family overseas. Seven years ago immigrant visa was deny for misrepresentation and waiver application was deny too but alex and his team did all formalities in time and I got 601 approval in six months and my cousin and his family now here. I am extremely happy and recommend this firm for any immigration matters.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Excellent, Professional Law Firm, Truly Trustworthy, Only 3 and half month, my wife got green card approval

    What amazing job Robert Brown firm has done!

    I posted question on Avvo, within just a day, I got response from different law firms but only Mr. Robert Brown's answer caught my eye after I read all other response. I immediately email Mr. Brown, and again a quick but very professional reply was in mailbox. Mr. Brown also arranged a free consultation for me.

    With all other questions in my head, my wife and I visited Robert Brown law firm, and discussed our case with Mr. Alex Cuic, one of the best attorney whom I have ever met. There is no reason not to hire Mr. Alex Cuic after this very warm, relax but again very professional meeting.

    For the next 4 months, not just Mr. Alex Cuic but also a team from Mr. Robert Brown firm helped our application. We carefully followed all instructions for each step of the process. Believe or not, 3 and half month later after we officially submitted our application, USCIS officer approved my wife's green card application! Everything is just as Mr. Alex predicted at beginning, and so PRECISELY for each step of application. And I have to say a fixed fee is very reasonable, truly worth it!

    Although our case maybe not so complicated comparing to other cases, however, without such good law firm and excellent attorney Mr. Alex's help, I am pretty sure that we could misunderstand many part of application process as well as immigration law. We are so glad that we made right decision hiring Mr. Robert Brown Law Firm. We really appreciate Mr. Alex and all other team work!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Luke

    Helping a Wounded Warrior from ab Overseas Mission

    I am in the Army Reserves and was getting deployed; I have my family overseas, (the Philippines). I paid an attorney, (Off Duty Military JAG Officer) up front to start processing my family’s immigration papers and he had promised me that by the time I return from my mission, my family will be here in the USA. Before I left, my wife told me that she was pregnant and we are having a baby.
    During my wife’s first trimester she was diagnosed with the measles, and she had a high chance of losing our baby. My wife did have our baby, and the baby had some problems with his heart, issues with his lungs, and he is deaf. I must pay for all my family’s medical bills with cash because; the Military Medical Insurance will not help us with their bills.
    Our son was born and I was able to get leave from this deployment, to see him at one week old in the Philippines. Five days later, I was returned back to the overseas mission and tried to focus 120% on the mission. It was hard not to worry so much about my family in the Philippines. A month after I had left my family I was injured overseas while performing a secret mission.
    The Military kept me overseas for 7 months later within these 7 months my injuries got worst. Then I was sent to the Wounded Warriors Project in the United States where I am currently getting treated for my injuries. One day while sitting in my room, I had time to search the internet between doctor appointments to try and get information regarding my family’s immigration papers. Until I found the website Avvo, and I had sent several messages to different attorneys, while wishing and hoping one attorney will reply. Less than 8 hours Attorney Robert Brown LLC returned an email asking more details about my issues. I replied quickly with the information he requested, then Attorney Robert Brown called me less than a couple of hours where we spoke to get more details. The most important question I had for Attorney Robert Brown was if there was any way that his firm is able to do the filing for Pro Bono, because I was in the hospital for an injury that had occurred overseas during my deployment. Since this deployment, I am receiving 3500 dollars less per month then my Civilians Career. On top of that, I was returned back to the USA where I actually got 700 dollars less in pay. Without any hesitation, Attorney Robert Brown agreed with the Pro Bono request, I was ecstatic.
    The following day Katie Russell and Kristen Cione from Attorney Robert Brown firm had contacted me, to introduce themselves as the ones who will be assisting me with my family’s immigration papers. My comment to them was they were very fast in contacting me. In the first week, Katie Russell and Kristen Cione did more for me then the attorney from the Military JAG Officer I had paid.
    Attorney Robert Brown LLC and his staff are very professional, courteous, and they take allot of pride in the work they do. One of the most wonderful things I do like about Attorney Robert Brown’s Firm is that his staff members are very good listeners and are genuinely caring people. Being part of the Wounded Warriors Project is mentally challenging because, the things that go through my head, I think about my family, ongoing medical issues my son is having, the method of my injuries during this mission, and finances. Attorney Robert Browns staff members are very approachable and understanding. If it was not for Attorney Robert Brown and his staff, I do not know where I will be mentally at this moment. I really would like to thank them for everything they are doing for us. When I email them, they reply in a timely manner, I will call them they will always answer and even on days that they are not working I will still get an email. I never came across any company that will made me feel like I am their only personal client or a best friend.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
    Attorney Robert Brown

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nagi


    I hired Bob Brown for my deportation case. I'm glad I hired him because I'm still here. The staff made me feel comfortable through out the whole process. I recommend him and Erin Brown if you have a complicated case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Stewart

    Robert Brown Immigration Law Practice Employment-Based Immigration Review

    I recently hired Robert Brown for bringing one of our engineers from an offshore subsidiary into the US for a temporary work assignment. Robert and his staff were extremely helpful in rapidly assembling the visa application and made sure that our application was *very* clear in the areas that are scrutinized most carefully by the US Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) evaluators. The result was our application was approved in much less time than normal without requests for additional information.

    I believe that Robert Brown's deep experience and prior Directorship at the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) gives him an advantage in dealing with Citizenship and Immigration matters in that he has an excellent operational understanding of inner workings and processes at play.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Ms. Persely

    I have worked with other attorneys in the past and have been moderately satisfied.With Robert Brown LLC and after my first experience I was sold. From the initial contact through the completion of the process I felt welcomed was kept informed and the knowledge that Mr. Brown and attorney Oza brought to fix the petition was outstanding. Since my first case referral I have had other matters successfully handled. I have only heard good things about all the attorneys and staff

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by J.P.

    Very Professional

    I have contacted Robert Brown LLC on several different occasions and have also made numerous referrals. I have received nothing but the most professional service and I would not trust any other firm with my immigration matters.

    I can count on Robert Brown for an honest assessment. I have always been impressed with the personal attention received. I do not hesitate to recommend Robert Brown to anyone looking for an attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Leonard

    Mr. Aleksandar Cuic

    Special thanks to Mr. Cuic and Robert Brown LLC! They were great at every step along the way. I whole heartedly recommend Mr. Cuic as a professional immigration attorney that you can rely on.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Avoid him... he does not anything

    I delt with Mr.Brown in 2002. I asked him to do H1b for me. During that time I asked him if I should do the NSEER registration and he said NO (remember I REMINDED HIM). Two weeks later, his paralegal calls me to come to the office but did not mention what is it about. He made me drive for 2 hours to tell me that the H1b petition requires me to do the NSEERs. He made me go back to my home country and suffer 3 months of delay to join my jobs because of name check although I told him that I should do the NSEERS. Him and his paralegal were poor communicators. He also promised that he will get me the H1b visa for 2 years (duration of emplyement) but I got it for only one year. When I brought this issue up with him he said he will do a telephone conference. He managed to extend it to 2 years but guess what ......this jerk charged me 960$ extra. Try to avoid the unprofessional man. Since then I had my immigration attorney (Mr.Harld Hom) a very nice guy, prompt and professional. Mr.Brown also is very expensive and he claims it to his prior glory of being the Cleveland INS head (bunch of BS).