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Neil Scott Rubin

About Neil Rubin

About me


What do you need and want in a law firm:  

A firm with Class A downtown offices decorated with mahogany desks and displayed cut-glass objects d' art?

  • Gate-keeping by an administrative assistant who answers the phone?
  • Contact only with junior associates?
  • High billable hourly rates which are logged every 6 minutes?  



  • Competent legal advice given in a straight-forward, understandable way?
  • Face-to-face meetings with the lawyer who will actually be working your case?
  • Reasonable rates?
  • Timely return of phone calls?
  • Will meet with you outside of regular business hours?
  • A lawyer who looks at all the options for a fair resolution of a case instead of pushing every dispute to the courtroom?
  • A lawyer who understands the physical, emotional and financial toll a legal dispute can exert not only upon the client but the client's loved ones?
  • A firm which takes in consideration the end result wanted by the client and not just the firm's bottom line?