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  • I am looking for a divorce lawyer bec my husband havs been in Mexico for 5 years n i dont know where he is in Mexico

    So how can i serve him divorce paper n how long will it take my divorce to be finale

    Kyle’s Answer

    You need to immediately consult an attorney. They can assist you with service by publication.

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  • I was convicted of a felony retail fraud case over one year ago and want to get it expunged.

    NOTE: THIS APPLIES TO MICHIGAN. I was convicted of a retail fraud case (felony) and finished my sentence which was incarceration for 90 days. I have not had any further legal issues since then. Can this be expunged? I've heard some prosecutors say...

    Kyle’s Answer

    You should privately consult with an attorney as to your options. Theft convictions are bad for employment prospects.

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  • My brother was served with divorce papers and was told he has to leave marital home immediately, is this true?

    one child involved and she is filing for full custody

    Kyle’s Answer

    Your brother needs to immediately see an attorney who practices in the area of family law.

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  • Is there another way to sue the person my husband had an affair with since ohio isn't an "alienation of affection" state?

    When the person my husband was having an affair with finally got it (after a yr of no physical contact, verified by her also) that it was over, she got her revenge by calling me! It really doesn't seem right that she cant be sued for what that has...

    Kyle’s Answer

    The tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress may be applicable: it is most certainly egregious for a mistress to facilitate adultery and then to call and taunt the cheater's spouse about it.

    Do NOT post anything online about your situation, and do NOT talk about it with anyone--what you say or write can be used against you in court and can ruin any case that you may have.

    Immediately and privately consult with an attorney.

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  • Nude pictures taken while at tanning salon is the salon liable?

    Recently discovered that photos of me were taken while tanning at a salon in an open bed. There was a stool in the adjacent room used by the perpetrator to take them over the top of the wall which is open at the top for ventilation purposes. I h...

    Kyle’s Answer

    You should immediately and privately consult with an attorney. Do not post anything online about your situation--even on Avvo--and do not talk to any non-lawyer about it--what you say can be used against you in court and can be twisted out of context.

    If pictures were taken of you by a pervert, they may end up on the Internet via the phenomenon of "revenge pornography." This occurs when someone with nudes images of another posts them online without that party's consent.

    You can almost certainly sue the person who took the photographs of you, and you may be able to sue the tanning salon--if the facts that are unique to your case warrant it.

    Get a lawyer immediately.

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  • I had recently been approached by my better half about a situation. He showed me a clip of a video I had no knowledge of exist.

    I had what I thought was a one night stand with this guy, he secretly recorded us having intercourse and showed it off. This was back in June we had intercourse but the video came to my knowledge just last night. Can I press charges even if there ...

    Kyle’s Answer

    You should immediately and privately consult with an attorney about your situation. Do not post anything online or talk about the situation with anyone who is not your attorney--what you say or write can be used against you in court.

    You are being victimized via a variation of revenge pornography. An overview of this unique area of law can be found online at

    If you do not get control of the situation quickly, the situation will become worse as more and more pornography websites republish the content.

    The police may or may not help you, and the police almost certainly will no do anything to try to get the content offline. You need a lawyer to help you, and you can likely sue the guy who posted the content and who secretly recorded you.

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  • In the state of Ohio, the legal age of consent is 16, is there an age difference that can be considered if the other person is21

    16 year old girl has had consensual sex with a 21 year old male in the state of Ohio. Do the parents have any legal recourse because of the age difference or does the age difference even matter.

    Kyle’s Answer

    The 21-year-old male can be prosecuted for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Although this is not a sex crime, it still carries jail time and fines.

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  • My five year old child at preschool said another boy made him kiss his penis in the corner. Can ii sueand what advise do u have

    My 5 year old son said another boy his age made him kiss his penis over in the corner while the teachers were not looking

    Kyle’s Answer

    You should privately consult with an attorney about your situation. Do not talk with anyone else about it or post anything about the situation online--including Avvo--, because what is said or written can cause complications for your case.

    In Ohio, the parents of a minor child can be held liable for money damages up to a certain amount for batteries committed by their children. Being that your son was battered, there is a good chance that the other child's parents can be sued. (I am assuming that the tortfeasor is a child.) With regards to whether the school is subject to liability, that would require a much more thorough analysis of the facts unique to your case.

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  • Can anyone help me?

    In 2011, I went to my dr due to abdominal pain. I was diagnosed with a 3cm cyst. I was told that nothing would be done but she would "watch and wait." In 2013, I began suffering severe pain and was told by my new dr that the cyst was 5.3 cm. I was...

    Kyle’s Answer

    You should immediately and privately consult with an attorney. Do not post anything online--even on Avvo--and do not talk about the matter with anyone who is not your attorney. What you say can be used against you in court, and lawyers can twist things out of context to your detriment.

    Most lawyers offer free initial consultations. You should meet with a few different attorneys to see which one you like the best.

    There are two possible claims with your case: negligence (failure of doctor to get informed consent regarding the removal of your ovary ( and battery (for performing an offensive act upon your person without your consent). (Depending upon what you relayed to the doctor, you likely only gave the doctor permission to remove the cyst and not the ovary. By having removed the ovary, it may possible be argued that the doctor committed a battery.)

    Whether the doctor's conduct in waiting to see if the cyst would go away constitutes negligence in and of itself would have to be researched thoroughly, because only if the doctor's conduct was outside the norms of the profession would this act be considered a breach of his professional duties. (Many doctors are conservative concerning cyst removal since many are benign, so the doctor's patience is likely not malpractice in and of itself.)

    See a lawyer immediately!

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  • 2nd offense owi.

    I got my second offense owi this weekend. I fell asleep and hit a ditch/ culvert. I don't remember getting in my car or driving. I'm on probation in a diff county cause I left the scene of an accident. I'm really scared. Im 22 years old and I want...

    Kyle’s Answer

    DO NOT POST ANYTHING ONLINE ABOUT YOUR CASE (i.e., Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Avvo, Instagram, etc). Do not talk with anyone about your case--except your attorney. What you say or write can be used against you in court. You can easily ruin your case by talking.

    Immediately and privately consult with a criminal defense attorney. Call a few of them--many offer free initial consultations for 30-60 minutes. Figure out who you like the most and hire them.

    You will not move forward by posting inquiries on Avvo. Get a lawyer. Now.

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