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Bryan MacTavish Griffith

About Bryan Griffith

About me

Transportation & Business Litigation Attorney

Motor Carriers

Sanborn, Brandon, Duvall & Bobbitt Co., L.P.A. has representing motor carriers and the transportation industry since 1925. We assist motor carriers in all phases of business, in business transactions, hearings before the PUCO, DOT, DOL, and other agencies, and also in civil litigation. Whether you need agreements drafted or reviewed, transactions analyzed, or deals negotiated, Sanborn, Brandon, Duvall & Bobbitt Co., L.P.A. can assist your company on a single matter, or as your company’s outside general counsel.

Problem Solving

Attorneys are prepared with tools to solve a wide variety of problems faced by businesses every day. Dispute resolution may involve research, negotiation, mediation, or litigation. Bryan will prepare you for the possible outcomes and help choose the best path to minimize your risk and maximize your benefits.


One of the most important roles in which your attorney can serve is as your zealous advocate. Whether negotiating a deal with another business, or representing you before a court or government agency, Bryan will represent your company zealously, professionally, and cost effectively.