When our family needed an attorney, I spent almost a week doing research, calling, & meeting with attorneys. Almost every one of them, while agreeing that we had a good case, & agreeing to represent us, still made suggestions indicating that we should "corporate", & "settle" with the accusers as much as possible, for a faster resolution. Problem is, we had not only tried that approach first, but we wouldn't need to pay any attorney to take that route either! Also, the accusations against us were false, & the demands they were making were outlandish & ridiculous! Sally was the first attorney to not only agree that we had a strong case, but she seemed to be as appalled by the situation as we were. Her immediate suggestion was that we fight back! She wasn't afraid to take on the bad guys, & she wasn't looking for the fastest, easiest solution. Sally handled our case wonderfully, she found us the resources we needed, she kept us informed at all times & she was easy to communicate with. We won our case big-time! I will refer her to anyone who needs an attorney & we will use her again should the need arise!