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Daniel James Sabol

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  • Someone i know was arressed for stealing $1500 from his work, what degree felont is that and what is the possible sentencing?

    crime occurred in cincinnati ohio

    Daniel’s Answer

    It would be a fifth degree felony, and the listed penalties are correct. What is likely to happen, however, depends greatly on his/her prior record and the jurisdiction they are charged in. Prison is highly unlikely, and near impossible if the individual does not have a criminal record. Diversion or intervention in lieu of a conviction (if the offense was related to alcohol or drug use) could be possibilities as well.

    The best course would be to have your acquaintance contact a local attorney who is familiar with that jurisdictions custom and procedure.

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  • How long after you are arrested and released does the state have to convicted you of your crime

    my boyfriend was arrested and served 14 days for a crime and has had 2 court dates both of them have been canceled how many days does the state have to take him to court

    Daniel’s Answer

    As is often the case, it depends. If the charge(s) he is held on all arose out of the same act, he gets 3 days of credit towards his statutory speedy trial rights for every day he was incacerated. Below is a chart of the relative days the State has to bring him to trial:

    Felony-270 days
    1st or 2nd degree misdemeanor-90 days
    3rd or 4th degree misdemeanor-45 days

    The court may continue the case outside of this period for good cause if it is objectively reasonable to do so. Further, the arrest date does not count in the calculation, and if the last day falls on a holiday or weekend, the next business day is the last day the State may prosecute the case.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

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