After researching several local family lawfirms regarding an unfortunate and heart-wrenching family matter, I've found The Joslyn Law Firm to be the most endearing, most professional, and the best legal minds I've come across.

Not only was the legal advice received superior, the attention to detail and compassion was priceless. I literally called their office in tears and they were able to comprehend my pain, then enact the most appropriate legal measures on my behalf.

Attorney Ryan Shafer of The Joslyn Firm handled my case. He is not just a lawyer, he was a fierce and dedicated advocate on my behalf. He answered all of my questions, listened sympathetically, and was solution oriented. I am now the proud recipient of a positive outcome due to his hard work.

In addition, the supporting staff is stellar. They returned calls and correspondence in a friendly and timely manner. Upon entering the office, they smiled, were warm, offered water, and made a nervous client, such as myself, feel at ease.

I would highly recommend The Joslyn Law Firm and Attorney Ryan Shafer for your legal needs.