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Lee Alan Thompson

About Lee Thompson

About me

I've been practing law since November 1, 1983. Upon finishing law school at the University of Akron, I opened two offices in Portage County, Ohio. In 1984 I moved to Lancaster, Ohio as a branch office manager for a Columbus firm until 2005.


In September of 2005, I went back out on my own and intend to remain on my own. Although the Law Office of Lee A Thompson is a general practice firm, my primary emphasis has been and remains divorce, custody, family law, social security, workers compensation and estates.


Throughout my life, mainly through the influence of my parents, I've spent a great deal of time in the mountains, hiking primarily, throughout the United States. Rockclimbing was a passion but, at my age, not something I'm actively involved in now.  I'm married to Dawn and between us we have four children, Krystal, Arianna, Alex and Anna.


Attorneys often get a bad rap from the public, that all we care about is ourselves. But, I give my clients 100% and always try to be honest with them and really, with myself. I love what I do and at all times hope I maintain the professionalism my clients deserve and the profession needs.


Lee A Thompson

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