If you are unfortunate enough to have this atty represent you its almost guaranteed you will serve time. Was once held in Franklin County jail @ Jackson Pike and for more than 3 months, I never received one visit. When we finally talked it was 10 minutes before I was supposed to see the judge. Was told she needed more information so i was sent back to Jackson pike for two weeks and once again no visit. She did gather some information in two weeks but other information was missing. When we finally approached the judge the first words out of her mouth were. "Your honor I'm sure you know the defendant (insert name here) by now, he or shes been here more than once". The judge who will remain nameless looked as surprised as I was. That's no way to present your client to a judge. My sentencing lasted for about 5-10 minutes and she spoke of nothing that might of helped me. Spoke to another inmate and was told Ms Wachsman isn't the best atty and you get what you pay for. I may have paid nothing but I deserved better than that. My advice to anyone using this atty. Stay out of trouble, do as much as possible to assist the public defenders with your case, you are not the only client they are representing. Most of all, if you can request another public defender i would seriously recommend it. . Good people work in that office and most really care but unfortunately a few don't. Let me know what you think. Ill be glad to talk to anyone. Will respond to all request.