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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cynthia

    Willaim Price shows support

    I was involved in a car accident on May 25th 2013, when a 17 year old ran a red light and T-boned my car, totaling it, as air bags front and side deployed. When the officer arrived and took statements she said her light was green, and I 100% knew mine was green. As a result the officer did not sight anyone and the battle began. My car was totaled, I lost my 500 $ deductible, and suffered a fractured wrist and severe contusions on my arms. My insurance covered most of the medical bills and lose of car but I occurred over 2-3 thousand dollars additionally. I met with Bill to review case and he supported me in having enough evidence to move forward with a suit against this young lady. It was a very long drawn out process ( 18 months long) but we collected witness statements and it was finally settled after arbitration with lawyers and her insurance company accepting, she was clearly at fault. I can tell you that I was a basket case at times and it was very emotional with tears welling up many times. Bill was very patient with me and met me several time to prepare for deposition. I settled for what I thought was a fair amount of 23,000 dollars. He was a rock and offered me great support to get me mentally prepared for this. I 'am so grateful to him and I'm happy that I pursued this as it shows young citizen you can't lie and get away with it. The truth will come out in the end. Drive safe.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Motorcycle Accident client

    Trust is a 5 letter; WORD SO IS BILLY!!

    I met Billy, after i had to fire another attorney from my personal injury case who wanted me to take a $50,000.00 settlement when my Metro Health Medical bills totaled $48,000.00 and there were additional VA medical bills which had to collected & then repaid under Ohio Law. "I can have you your money by Christmas" was all the other attorney kept saying to me during a mediation hearing with me, my attorney, the insurance company, and their attorney arguing in front of another attorney to try and reach a settlement. This lasted for 6 hours. After that hearing I hired Billy at Elk & Elk, he came in and picked up the ball running on my case. He started subpoenaing doctors from the VA and you know it's never easy dealing with the government. Billy broke down the case that went over 4 yrs before we went to court, HE worked with me countless hours & provided me with every document that he had to work with (4-5 boxes of paper work ).
    He meet with me everyday before trial and if the case was postponed he came out to let me know that it wasn't due to him but to the courts.

    We started trial on 1 April 2008 and finished on 7 April. The jury in the case awarded me $249,000.00 for all damages, past, present medical bills and future pain & suffering (1 broken vertebrate and soft tissue damage to the L4, 5, 6 & SI in my back). The treatments I went threw included steroid injections 18 months pt. and then Dr.Kabara burned the nerves in the lower back and got me back to 75-80% of where I was. This is the doctor that Billy went out of his way to get a deposition from, and went the extra mile due to the doctor working for the VA Administration, he also had to give the state attorney general a copy of all questions in which he was going to ask.
    Billy & his legal staff checked in with me, I wasn't just a number to them, and although they didnt know exactly what i was going through, they tried to understand.
    I have recommend billy to all of my MC Brothers I ride with in case they get injured in a motor vehicle accident.
    We have all heard the jokes about attorneys, but I can tell you BILLY is not one of them in the joke,. He is a man, a husband, dad, & Biker that understands what people go through and how it effects their everyday life. He tried more than once to settle out of court and although no one can read a jury, BILLY always said it is like reading tea leaves, both I and Billy felt that the settlement that the insurance company was offer was not fair at all for all the damages which their client inflicted upon me. Billy told me it is all your decision, I told Billy that $100,000.00 wasn't fair for the 4 yrs of dealing with back pain and that I wanted to push it to trial so we did.
    Billy presented the evidence, and the facts of the case to a jury of working men & women. He didnt try to impress them with big words, nor did he try to show them anything fancy, he had all the outlines of the information of the case.
    It was a long & hard road mentally & physically, and at times the defense attorney tried to make it sound as all I had was arthritis, (I was 39 yrs old when an older gentleman made a left turn in front of me and hit me with his mini van).
    The defense attorney tried to place the blame on the fact that I was on a sport bike and not a cruiser, he tried blaming me for not wearing a helmet, he tried blaming the fact that i had a below knee amputation, Billy was ready for him and cut him off at every attempt of making it seem as if the accident was my fault. Billy stuck to his guns, and made the attorney stick to the facts.

    In the end the jury, saw through the smoke and mirrors the other side tried to show them and they award me $249,000. Don't settle if you don't feel your attorney is understanding you, or not keeping you informed along the way.

    In the end it is your case, If you want a TRUST WORTH ATTORNEY CALL ELK & EL:K AND ASK FOR BILLY PRICE!! And yes billy will give you his cellie number and will call you back in less then 24 hours, and answer any questions you may have.
    Billy has earned my TRUST b