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  • My daughter was hurt at mcdonalds on indoor playground ended up with 2 inch scar and 1500 medical bills.all info was submitted

    To mcdonalds insurance to find out they are now saying its not their fault. Yet my daughter did not go there with a scar n medical bills.... What do i do now?????

    John’s Answer

    You should hire a personal injury attorney. Without an attorney, the insurance company is going either (a) deny liability and offer you nothing, or (b) give you a low-ball, 'take-it-or-leave-it' offer designed to make you go away.

    Protect your rights and hire an experienced personal injury attorney in your area. Most injury attorneys will give you a free consultation and will accept your case for a % of the recovery, if any, and will not bill you hourly.

    Insurance companies are businesses, and their goal is to make money. Without an attorney you are at a disadvantage.

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  • Should i sue or settle? if a settlement how much?

    I got rear ended by a drunk driver two weeks ago and i was taken directly to the hospital from the scene. They took x-rays but they just said it was a sprain but now i'm having headaches, neck and back pain. I plan on calling a chiroprater and get...

    John’s Answer

    I'd recommend you do several things.

    First and foremost, focus on your physical recovery, taking any and all necessary steps to get you back to 100% health. Follow doctor's orders, take your medication and make all your appointments (failure to do these things can devalue your claim).

    Second, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in your area. The attorney, who will likely work for a % fee of your recovery - and won't charge and hourly fee or take any money up front - can advise you on the proper course of conduct. That course of conduct may be settling with the insurance company, provided the insurer offers you what you consider to be a fair amount of money to settle the claim short of trial. Should they offer you what you consider to be an insufficient amount (taking into account your medical bills, lost wages, other damages, etc), your attorney can file a lawsuit against the drunk driver.

    Best of luck to you.

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  • Being sued 1 year after fender bender where I was at fault, what happens now?

    I was involved in car accident about 1 year ago. I rear ended the car in front of me on an exit ramp. When we exchanged information, the other party I hit was in a rush to leave. No police report was filed, and the only info i got was the passenge...

    John’s Answer

    The terms of your automobile insurance policy likely dictate that in the event that a lawsuit is filed against you, your insurance company will provide you with legal representation. It's advisable, however, that you check the terms and conditions of your policy to confirm this, and relay any new or recent information to your claims adjuster.

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  • What kind of lawyer do I need and do I have a case?

    My 8yr old grandson, whom I have custody of, fell at school on recess. He broke his foot but the teacher on duty told him to suck it up, be a man. When he went back to class, his home room teacher sent him to the nurse. My 12yr old granddaughter w...

    John’s Answer

    It would be wise to consult with a personal injury attorney in your area to determine if, based on the facts as you present them, the school was negligent in their supervision of your grandchild, and that because of that negligent supervision, he was injured. An injury attorney could also help you explore where and why he was injured and whether the school breached its duty of care to provide a reasonably safe environment for him to play.

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  • I was charged with possession of drug paraphinalia and would like to know what the minimum penalty is.

    This is my first criminal charge.

    John’s Answer

    Standard possession of drug paraphernalia in Ohio is a fourth degree misdemeanor. Your maximum sentence is a jail term of 30 days. Your minimum penalty would be getting your case dismissed by the judge or prosecutor.

    Each case is different - your outcome may be highly dependent on your prosecutor, judge, the evidence, and your (lack of) prior offenses. A judge has great latitude when determining a punishment for an offense like this, and possible punishments can include payment of a fine, court costs, and court-supervised probation.

    Consult with a criminal defense attorney in your area in order to protect your legal rights and get the best possible outcome.

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  • What if the defendant can't pay for judgement amount?

    A lady rear-ended me. Turns out, she was driving with expired license. I sent a certified letter including the estimates for damages to my car. Of course, she didn't respond. Should the next step be to go to district and file small claims? If ...

    John’s Answer

    Did you get her insurance information? Does she have insurance? If she is an insured driver, file a claim with her insurance carrier. If not, do you have uninsured/underinsured coverage? If so, file a claim with your carrier.

    Finally, consult with a personal injury attorney in your area. Doing so will allow a professional to handle your claim, negotiation with either your insurer or her insurer, and settle your claim for the best possible amount of money.

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  • Duty to defend

    Wife was found at fault in accident that injured me and other people. She has been sued by several of them. She is now separated from me, and I have a filed a personal injury lawsuit against her as well. I understand that my insurance company ...

    John’s Answer

    The terms of her automobile insurance policy will dictate the insurance company's responsibility to her to defend against possible lawsuits. Without seeing the policy it is impossible to conclusively answer your question, but generally, the policy will provide an attorney for her.

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  • Is there a law in the state of ohio for someone taking a deceased persons ash remains?

    me and my husband got in to a fight and he stole my grandmothers ash remains is there anything i can do about it i live in Mount Vernon, Ohio

    John’s Answer

    Yes. The word you're looking for is 'theft.'

    Under the Ohio Revised Code, any person who takes another's property (in this case, your grandmother's ashes) either without consent, or by deception, or threat, or intimidation, is guilty of theft.

    You can call your local prosecutor's office and ask them to press charges against your husband.

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  • Who is responsible for fence removing?

    I hired a contractor to put up a fence in our backyard. I showed a contractor stakes in backyard. Contractor told me the house behind us surveyed their yard and still stakes are there and connect these stakes. He told us that we don't have to surv...

    John’s Answer

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    I suggest you consult with a local attorney who is well-versed in real estate and consumer protection law. Under the Consumer Sales Practices Act, a supplier who engages in a commercial transaction with a consumer must not commit an unfair, deceptive, misleading, or unconscionable act in connection with that transaction. An attorney may help you reach a resolution whereby the contractor would pay for the removal and re-installation, should that be what your neighbor desires.

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