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  • I have a case pending since 2010. My lawyer wont answer my calls. what can I do? can i fire him?

    I was struck by a car while walking across the street. went to treatment for 6 months and was finished in december 2010. Everytime i call the firm they say he (my lawyer) is out of the office and will get back to me. Since the case started there h...

    John’s Answer

    Yes, you can fire your attorney. You control the attorney-client relationship. Should you fire your attorney, based upon the fee agreement you signed, your attorney may ask you to pay some minor costs, such as the costs of records, postage, etc.

    As the previous commentor noted, you only have two years from the date of the collision to file a lawsuit seeking damages. Since time is running out on your case (if it hasn't run out already), you'll need to act quickly.

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  • Do I have a valid reason to hire an attorney?

    I was referred to get medical treatment in another city due to a surgical procedure which left me unable to work since September 2011 and the inability to move or use my left hand. The attending physician verbally informed me that I had a f...

    John’s Answer

    Proving medical malpractice is notoriously difficult and expensive, and therefore, only a handful of attorneys in Ohio make it part of their practice.

    In order to prevail on a claim of medical malpractice, the plaintiff show the standard of care recognized by the medical community, the failure of the defendant doctor to meet that standard of care and a direct causal connection between the negligent medical act and the plaintiff's injuries.

    Attorneys who practice medical negligence will often agree to meet with a potential plaintiff for no charge, in order to interview the potential plaintiff and review medical records for the purposes of determining if a valid claim exists.

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  • What is supplemental response to request for discovery

    Criminal division

    John’s Answer

    It is simply an additional response by a party to a lawsuit providing the other party with additional discovery (documents, interrogatories, admissions, etc.)

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  • Do I have to pay the outrageous civil claim Walmart sent me in the mail for 200 dollars?

    I was caught shoplifting laying cards and opened 24 dollars worth. Walmart security told me I would only be charged 3 times the amount of the cards value. I am 19 years old and I don't have 200 dollars laying around. Now not only that but my girlf...

    John’s Answer

    I wouldn't ignore the letters, because it's possible that should you refuse to pay WalMart could attempt to press criminal charges against you through your local prosecutor or file a civil lawsuit against you. Because the value of the items you attempted to steal were so low in value, it is less likely they will press charges or sue you than if you stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

    Perhaps you could call a telephone number listed on the letters, explain your financial situation and you girlfriend's non-involvement and attempt to reach an agreement whereas you would pay a smaller amount of money for Walmart to consider their civil demand settled.

    Good luck.

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  • What is the next step after a prosecutor resigns because of Disciplinary Action showing a conspiracy against me.

    What is the procedure for collecting damages?

    John’s Answer

    Its difficult to give a full answer based on the lack of facts in your question, but because of Ohio's broad grant of prosecutorial immunity, you may not have additional options. Prosecutors in Ohio are entitled to absolute immunity when their activities are intimately associated with the judicial phase of the criminal process. The grant of immunity does not extend to investigative or administrative functions. If you desire to continue with any claims you may have, consult with an attorney in your area who practices civil litigation to explore any options you may have remaining.

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  • I was biten by a dog and the dog owner is claiming to not have insurance, what can be done?

    I was attacked by a dog while running through a neighborhood. The dog came out of a garage and across the road to the other side where I was running and attacked me. The owner came out of the garage and yelled for the dog who eventuallly let go an...

    John’s Answer

    There are some services that plaintiff's attorneys use to find out insurance information, but in your case, its advisable to file a lawsuit against the individual and his girlfriend in your local common pleas court. Should he or she have insurance, they will contact their insurer in order to get legal representation. Should they not have insurance, they'll need to contact an attorney to provide them with representation. Either way, you'll be taking control of the situation and doing what is necessary to get proper compensation for your injuries.

    Speaking with a personal injury attorney in your area will allow you to understand your proper measure of damages. Most, if not all injury attorneys will agree to consult with you for free and will take your case on a contingency basis, never charging you an hourly fee.

    I am available to speak with you about your options, should you desire to give me a call.

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  • How do i come up with a counter offer after a low first settlement offer by my former employer. where can i get help for this.

    i was recently offered a settlement from my former employer which was disrespectfully low. I rejected their first offer and now they are wanting me to submit a counter offer in this matter. i have been representing myself up until this point. I a...

    John’s Answer

    Consult with a labor and employment lawyer in your area by searching on A lawyer may be able to help you properly calculate your possible recovery, or, through a review of the facts of your case, suggest a better course of action.

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  • Can we sue the energy drink company "Rip it"?

    i passed out in a store with my son and was rushed to the hospital. right befor the incident i drunk two "rip it" energy drinks and then my chest was starting to feel funny. and thats all i remember i woke up in the hospital hooked up to machines...

    John’s Answer

    Can you sue them? Sure. Your biggest hurdle, however, would be convincing a jury (or the manufacturer's insurance company) that the drink CAUSED your fainting and hospitalization. Doing so may require some extensive medical testing, likely at your cost.

    If you feel strongly that you're a physically fit person and have never had fainting spells like this before, you should contact a personal injury attorney in your area and ask to meet with them regarding your possible.

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  • My daughter was hurt at mcdonalds on indoor playground ended up with 2 inch scar and 1500 medical bills.all info was submitted

    To mcdonalds insurance to find out they are now saying its not their fault. Yet my daughter did not go there with a scar n medical bills.... What do i do now?????

    John’s Answer

    You should hire a personal injury attorney. Without an attorney, the insurance company is going either (a) deny liability and offer you nothing, or (b) give you a low-ball, 'take-it-or-leave-it' offer designed to make you go away.

    Protect your rights and hire an experienced personal injury attorney in your area. Most injury attorneys will give you a free consultation and will accept your case for a % of the recovery, if any, and will not bill you hourly.

    Insurance companies are businesses, and their goal is to make money. Without an attorney you are at a disadvantage.

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  • Should i sue or settle? if a settlement how much?

    I got rear ended by a drunk driver two weeks ago and i was taken directly to the hospital from the scene. They took x-rays but they just said it was a sprain but now i'm having headaches, neck and back pain. I plan on calling a chiroprater and get...

    John’s Answer

    I'd recommend you do several things.

    First and foremost, focus on your physical recovery, taking any and all necessary steps to get you back to 100% health. Follow doctor's orders, take your medication and make all your appointments (failure to do these things can devalue your claim).

    Second, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in your area. The attorney, who will likely work for a % fee of your recovery - and won't charge and hourly fee or take any money up front - can advise you on the proper course of conduct. That course of conduct may be settling with the insurance company, provided the insurer offers you what you consider to be a fair amount of money to settle the claim short of trial. Should they offer you what you consider to be an insufficient amount (taking into account your medical bills, lost wages, other damages, etc), your attorney can file a lawsuit against the drunk driver.

    Best of luck to you.

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