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  • I got into a wreck with my boss his fault his limit 5000 medpay medical will be more. I have pain.fired,stress.who do i go after

    I have had a mri and they are unsure if my meniscus in my knee is torn. I am about to start physcial therpy. My boss/ friend made a improper left turn and through a yellow light. I put my knees up on the dash of his van. I got a slite whip blash...

    John’s Answer

    You'd be best served by talking to an attorney in your area who focuses on civil litigation, including personal injury and workers compensation law. Were you on the job when the collision happened? Without knowing details - including details of your employment situation, it is difficult to determine whether you have a valid claim for wrongful termination or whether you have a traditional personal injury claim or workers comp claim.

    It is important that you realize that your employers insurance company has your employer's best interests in mind - not yours. If you do not retain legal counsel they may try to talk you into accepting far less compensation then would offer you if you had an attorney.

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  • Wedding Disaster

    I paid the cake lady a month before my wedding, wedding day comes around and she is no where to be found, neither is my cake, I had 150 people asking about the cake it embarrassed me so bad, can I take her to court for emotional distress or someth...

    John’s Answer

    You likely have a cause of action under the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act, which does allow a plaintiff to receive up to $5,000 in non-economic (emotional distress, pain, suffering, etc) damages. The Ohio CSPA allows a consumer to recover for unfair or deceptive sales practices.

    However, you need to determine if filing a lawsuit against her is a productive use of your time and money. How much money did you pay her? Do you know where she is residing currently? If you didn't pay her very much money and are unable to locate her, this could be more trouble than its worth.

    Good luck to you.

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  • What to do about food poisoning from a local McDonalds... grilled chicken salad?

    May 22, 2012 I purchased the salad, within one hour I had sever stomache cramps, vomiting and diareah. Because i had kept the bowl (reusable) I noticed the stamp on the bottom clearly stating that is should have been discarded 21 hrs. prior to me...

    John’s Answer

    If you feel you are entitled to monetary compensation, file the case yourself in your local small claims court. Cases in small claims court are for money damages only, with a cap of $3,000. Small claims courts are informal, there is no jury. Cases are tried by a magistrate. Court costs are low - many courts have a filing fee of only $50.

    More information, including how to file a small claims complaint, is available online from the Ohio Supreme Court here (.pdf):

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  • Will the judge believe me and dismiss my speeding ticket if I tell him that I didn't know what the speed limit was?

    I am 16 years old and I have had a license for 3 months. I recently got a speeding ticket. However, I did not know what the speed limit was. I thought it was 35 mph while it was only 25 mph. I was going 39 mph. I was on a road that connects with a...

    John’s Answer

    Ignorance of the speed limit is no defense. If it was, everyone could walk into court, claim they didn't know what the speed limit was, and get their ticket dismissed. Your best shot with the judge may be getting your fine reduced because of your age, inexperience, and/or financial situation. Good luck.

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  • What do I do if a company goes out of business without fulfilling their agreement?

    I purchased an extended warranty from a company and when I called to file a claim I was informed that they are no longer in business. Is there anything I can do to recoupe my investment? What are my options or do I even have any since they are no ...

    John’s Answer

    At the very least, please call the Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Section and make a complaint. The Ohio AG has attorneys and investigators dedicated to holding companies responsible under the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act. Occasionally the Ohio AG's Office will file suit against a company on behalf of consumers and will seek to recover a consumer's damages.

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  • Can an ex-boyfriend or neighbor call the police to come to your property because he suspects your son is smoking marijuana.

    The son has a a first time offense, one year probation record for drug paraphelnalia that the police found in the home while investigating a home robbery.

    John’s Answer

    Yes. Anyone *can* call the police and tell them anything.

    Are you asking whether it would be *legal* for a person to call the police to report a crime (smoking marijuana) in progress? Again, the answer is yes. There is nothing illegal about reporting crimes - in fact, a significant percentage of police-work is based upon citizens calling in tips and reporting crimes.

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  • Injury claim for a child that was 'attacked' by a Scottish Terrier?

    While traveling through Dayton, OH on vacation, my 6 yr old daugther was clawed in the face by a relatives Scottish terrier. Her lip was ripped open, which required stitches. She does not need reconstructive surgery for her face, but she has now...

    John’s Answer

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    I would strongly suggest contacting an attorney. Your daughter is entitled to compensation as the result of the dog attack.

    Your daughter can seek two forms of compensation - economic damages (the cost of her medical care) and non-economic damages (a monetary amount designed to compensate her for her pain, suffering, and mental harm).

    Economic damages are available under a 'strict liability' theory. Non-economic damages are available, but the plaintiff must show the viciousness of the dog and the defendant's knowledge of the dog's viciousness.

    For an overview of Ohio's dog-attack legislation, you can read my legal guide here:

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  • A motion in limine, and a motion to compel discovery was filed in my case. what do these motions exactly mean?

    i am the defendant. a discovery was not produced til the final trial date,then postponed. can these motions be helpful or hurtful?

    John’s Answer

    A motion in limine is a motion filed with the court to include/exclude certain evidence at/from trial. A motion to compel discovery is a motion filed with the court asking the court to compel the non-moving party to produce discovery (evidence).

    Should you not have an attorney, I'd strongly suggest you contact a competent attorney in your area for legal representation, as these motions, should they be granted by the court, could drastically impact your chances at trial.

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  • When an eviction notice is filed with the courts how much time do I legally have to move?

    I have received a 3 day notice to vacate my apartment. I am unable to move in 3 days, so my landlord stated he will file the eviction with the courts. How much time do I legally have to move once this is done. I owe him $712 for the month of Ma...

    John’s Answer

    Once the 3-day notice has passed, the landlord can file an eviction action in your local court. At that point the court will issue the tenant a summons for a future court appearance. In the county in which I practice, the tenant's first court date is generally set for about three weeks after the filing of the eviction action, with a second court date set nearly a month after the second.

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  • Can i sue my company for a personal injury i received at work?

    i was stuck by a 300lb.rack while unloading my truck.this company did not drug test me nor have me get a physical.which by ohio law is required for all CDL drivers.Do I have a case here to sue them for damages?

    John’s Answer

    In Ohio, an employee who is injured at work is eligible to receive Workers' Compensation benefits. Those benefits can include Wage Loss, Temporary Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, and Permanent Total Disability, depending on the severity of the injury and length of treatment. Ohio has a 'no fault' system, which means that most people, regardless of whether they were at fault, are eligible to receive benefits.

    Because Ohio has adopted a Workers' Comp system, absent willful, wanton, or intentional conduct by your employer, you cannot 'sue' your employer for typical personal injury damages such as pain and suffering. Instead, you must proceed through the Workers' Comp system, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.

    You would be best served contacting a Central-Ohio Workers' Compensation attorney. Most Workers' Comp attorneys will agree to review your claim for free and will represent you on a contingency basis, meaning that there is never an hourly fee - instead the attorney's fees are a portion of your recovery.

    Best of luck with your recuperation. Should you desire, I can provide you with a list of Central-Ohio Workers' Comp attorneys who would serve you well.

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