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Donald W. Aaron

Donald Aaron’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by frances

    Donald Aaron and my DNA case

    donald was very helpful in the case aganist my son and his wife. when they were not doing the right things for their daughter, and donald got me temp. custody of her while they were court ordered to get the help they needed to raise a child. He always called me back when I called him, and always let me know what was going on with the case.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by William

    Below Expectations!

    Since Paying the $2500 retainer to Donald Aaron back in March, I have felt like my divorce proceeding was a "fill in" that he fit in between his “more important” cases. This impression has been attained and supported by the constant lags in communication between him and I and Donald Aaron and my wife’s attorney. I have provided hundreds of pages of documentation that was requested by my wife’s attorney. Hours of have been wasted as Donald Aaron went through these documents page by page....line by line, and took calls from other clients while I twiddled my thumbs sitting in his office. At $200/hr, I was under the impression that as my attorney he would be doing a lot more to protect my interests and put closure to this divorce in a timely manner……not dragging it on forever!

    Donald W. Aaron’s response: “After this client's wife filed for divorce here, and then moved to another state and filed for divorce there, this client came to me. I first helped him by getting the out-of-state divorce case dismissed. That fight helped to drain his retainer before he could get "closure" on the local divorce case. In addition to our phone calls, there were 70 e-mails between me, this client, and his wife's lawyer. I try to answer calls personally if I am not with a client. I have someone available to answer the phone 24 hours/day if I am unavailable. Sometimes people have a legal emergency or a judge's office may call, and I will interrupt a meeting to take those calls. The client who is in front of me is never billed for these interruptions. I also waive my time working on simple things that need to be done, but do not take a lot of my time. This client received a detailed bill and was able to see all the time that was waived. In divorce cases, each side has a right to ask the other party to answer questions and provide documents. Most clients appreciate being with me to review the documents and let me answer the questions, so we can be sure the division of assets, debts, and child support calculations are done properly.”