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  1. joe vogel

    Posted by joe, a Arbitration client,
    Overall rating
    Kept me informed
    • I do not recommend Robert Sanders.
    • I hired Robert more than 3 years ago.
    • Robert handled my Arbitration matter.
    • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

    This lawyer may have large jusgments at teh court house, but you can't get your money from him. He simply will not pay. You can tak him to court, but they still will not pay

    1. Robert Edward Sanders

      Robert Sanders

      Lawyer Comment:

      Joe Vogel has NEVER been a client of mine or a client of my law firm. He did a print job for someone else that was displayed on a billboard. I happen to own the land the billboard is on. For some bizarre reason, Mr. Vogel sent his printing bill to ME. I think the man is nuts, but, hey; that's just my opinion. His note says "Robert handled my Arbitration matter." That is, very bluntly, a lie. -- Bob Sanders

      Posted 3 months ago. Flag