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Gerald Hynum’s client reviews

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Review Gerald Hynum
  • Good divorce lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    Wayne represented me in my divorce case. Wayne fought hard for me in Court. He did a great job and I was very pleased. Wayne was able to get me the property I wanted, the child support I wanted, and most importanty, he got me custody of my daughter. I highly recommend Wayne Hynum as a divorce attorney.
    Michelle D.

  • Money Hungry Lawyer will not work for you

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Do not hire this man!!!! He is money hungry and will not fight for what you want. I hired him two years ago and I still am not divorced. He would tell me that if I gave him more money I could get the things I wanted; I wanted reasonable things like back time child support and the absent parent to get to know my nineteen month old child before overnight visitation. The absent parent left while I was pregnant and has only seen the child child support no phone calls or anything. I provided the lawyer with the information that the absent parent abandoned me and the child...he didn't care. All he wants is money and how hard he will fight for you will depend on the color of your skin. Do not hire this man!!! Save your money!!!

    Gerald Wayne Hynum’s response: “This comment is false and fraudulent. This woman kept demanding changes over and over again. I would get what she asked for and then she would demand something else. I got what she asked for on the child support and the visitation, and she still was not happy. Her paperwork was redone numerous times, but nothing would satisfy her. I am particularly offended by her saying that the color of the skin matters to me. That is absolutely false. I have had clients of all races and I have never had another client accuse me of caring about the color of his or her skin. I told this woman to find another lawyer after I got her everything she asked for and she still wanted more changes that were not reasonable. I also never got paid for most of the work I did for her either, but I kept doing her work even though I had not been paid. She could not, or would not, understand that a lawyer has to work within the framework of the law. She demanded things that no Judge would ever agree to. I would also point out that I have practiced law for over 32 years, and this woman's bad comment is the only bad comment you will find about me on the internet. I have had many many happy and satisfied clients over the years. - G. Wayne Hynum”