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Victor Wallace Carmody Jr.

Victor Carmody’s Legal Guides

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  • Getting your own blood test.

    The DUI blood test procedure in Mississippi. The officer has number of prescribed duties in a DUI arrest.Once the roadside examination has been compeleted,and transport to the testing site,with or wi

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  • DUI Arrest Information in Mississippi

    DUI Tickets Upon release the driver should receive "the offenders"copy of the DUI ticket.This ticket will usually be dropped off by the officer, and to be placed with the driver's document's left at

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  • DUI charges in Mississippi

    The DUI ticket form. DUI citations used in Mississippi are set out in statutes,and approved by the State Auditors office.These tickets must be uniform throughout the state,except on federal property(

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  • DUI Field Sobriety Testing in Mississippi

    Standardized Field Sobriety Tests The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) engaged reseachers to study and recommend field tests for DUI officers to use in the field in establishing

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  • DUI in Mississippi

    Vehicle -what constitutes a vehicle for DUI purposes? Mississippi recognizes all types of motorized vehicles for DUI purposes.Cars,Trucks,Four wheelers,Go-carts,Motor cycles, Golf carts, even Riding

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  • Stopped for a DUI , what should a Mississippi driver do?

    Probable Cause to Stop Generally officers must have a reason(probable cause to stop)to stop your vehicle.This reason may be a traffic violation,arrival at a wreck,or even a roadblock(where the vehicl

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  • Defeating the DUI arrest before the DUI stop occurs.

    Making a plan. Simple as it sounds avoiding a DUI arrest/Dui Conviction is as easy to do as separating drinking alcohol beverages from driving a motorized vehicle.This can be done by having a designa

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