Ivon Johnson is an attorney I would not recommend to anyone who needs a lawyer they can trust in. My son went to him put his trust in him and now he is in jail sentenced to 34 years on something he did not do because he represented him and the person that lied and testified against him at the same time. This attorney told the person that testified against my son to ask my son to let her put everything on him because he had been in trouble before and she had there baby that she needed to be at home with. The person I am speaking of came to me with my son and discussed what her attorney had asked and I told her that was the stupid thing for him to even tell her to tell my son. He told her if she told the truth(words from K R) that everything would all fall just on her and not the (white) individual who was also involved because of where everything happened. I would not hire him. I would not trust him. When my son went to trial he stood in the court room and lied stating he was not representing my son on another case where he had gotten the charges null processed because he wanted the judge to think that the charges were still on my son so that they would not listen to anything he had to say and they would believe his client as she told her lies. That's exactly what they did and even though the District Attorney stated they knew she was a liar, they found my son guilty anyway. So I say to all mothers out there this attorney is not someone you want to represent your child for I don't want anyone to have to go through what I am having to go through because of the dishonest of this attorney. He told me himself that the person who lied on my son stated to him that my son did not have anything to do with what he had been charged with. He also told my other attorney that she stated to him when she was being honest before the DA scared her into lying that the (white) girl and she had planned the entire thing. But because the DA scared her and told her if she did not say that my son was the one involved in the conspiracy she would be locked away for the rest of her life and she would never see her child again she did everything they asked her to do and lied not only on my son but everyone else that was involved. When you come in contact with this attorney run dont walk get away as soon as you can before he destroys your life as he did my son that put his total trust in him.