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  1. Good but not great

    Posted by Lamar, a Child Custody client,
    Overall rating
    Kept me informed
    • I do not recommend William Palmertree.
    • I hired William 1-3 years ago.
    • William handled my Child Custody matter.
    • I have previously worked with no lawyers.

    From the beginning he reminded us that we would probably not win and we did not. He did not use all our witness statements. Seemed to be more concerned about not offending the judge. Brad is smart but not as experienced.

    1. William B Palmertree

      William Palmertree

      Lawyer Comment:

      While I certainly appreciate any and all reviews given by any clients of mine, I do not, nor have I ever had, any client by the name of Lamar and cannot recall ever dealing with anyone by that name. If this is a client who wishes to not to have his (or her) name revealed then I understand. With that said, there can be many reasons for not using certain witness statements including the fact that they are inadmissible hearsay which cannot be used as evidence. Furthermore, I have and will always be up front with my clients regarding potential issues which may impede their chances to win a case. It is possible in this case that there were facts which clearly indicated to me the judge would likely rule in a certain way based on my history with that judge. In particular, if this case is the one I believe it is, there was one especially aggravating factor involving a gun which the client was unable to overcome in regards to custody. That said, without knowing the identity of the client I cannot state it was that case with certainty. Lastly, offending a judge is often the route to a poor result and a quick way to ruin my reputation with a judge I must appear before again. As such, I will not run afoul of a judge to simply make a point which may have no relevance to the case. I am sorry that we were unable to win your case and wish you the best of luck in the future.

      Posted almost 2 years ago. Flag