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William Monroe’s client reviews

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  • I wouldn't hire/recommend him!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Hired Attorney

    I hired him in 2007 for a personal injury claim for my son and I. He mishandled my case by not filing the claim in time and cut me a check. (This was fine with me) In the notice he said that he would continue to handle my son's case whim was a minor at the time. I reached out to him off and on for 2-3 years with no response from him or anyone in his office. I finally reached his wife on Wednesday 9/30/15. Spoke with him on 10/2/15 and he stated that he didn't have anything on file regarding my case or my son's case. (Which, Im sure that it would take some time to find considering yrs had passed). Well, on Friday 10/2/15 he asked me to gather some info since he didn't have any files on the case and get back with him by Monday 10/5/15. He had written me a check back in 2008 for the mishandling of my case and asked me to find the check number and the letter that he had written to go with it. I found the info that he was inquiring about and called him with that information on today 10/5/15 and he tell me that he didn't think that my son had a case then and don't think that he has a case now. Im lost, why did he take the case and why did he write that he would continue to handle my son's case if he think that be had a case? And today, 2 days after my son's 19th birthday, he tells me to seek advice from another lawyer! Im sorry sir! What's the law on statue of limitations? Keep in mind that I've been reaching out to he and his firm. He doesn't have any file or info about the case and neither do I.. Sir, I gave them to you! I could go and regather this info again.. Just isn't worth it! Long story short- I wouldn't recommend him

  • ex client

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I went and hired Bill Monroe a year ago for a parenting plan and paid him a lot of money and all he did was make a mediation date to see if we could wor something out and nothing went good at all. So there was supposed to be a court date to let the judge decide on visitation and its been over a year and still nothing. He won't return my call or emails or anything. He is the worst lawyer I have ever seen. You don't take thousands of dollars from innocent people and do nothing for them!

  • mediation guidance

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    Mr. Monroe is a patient and perceptive listener. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and can explain the law in an easy-to-understand manner. I felt very secure with him leading the charge to settle my dispute. He put me at ease throughout the process of acheiving a resolution to the legal issues.

  • my counselor

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Harry

    I was a client of this attorney.

    What I liked about the attorney's services was that he was expert, conscientious, and effective.

  • Worst excuse for a lawyer ever!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Kandice

    If you have thousands of dollars you want to waste on getting nothing done then he is your man! He took my money, never got back to me on anything, I found out my kids were being molested and he did nothing to fight for me or them! The only time he ever called or emailed me was asking for more money! When I fired him (7weeks before my next court date) he waited until the day before my court hearing to withdraw from my case so that I could not have another attorney present. He never kept me informed on anything and at one court date he even told the judge that I was unprepared because I constantly called and emailed him and he never let me know what to bring. Really I could go on and on but please do yourself a favor and hire someone else.

  • Ex Client Review for Bill Monroe

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    My experience with this attorney was the worst of any I have had. I am not a disgruntled previous employee nor have I had personal encounters with this man. I was faced with divorce and he took advantage. Mr. Monroe had no problem taking my money, but he had a problem keeping staff and working on my case. It took a YEAR to get my divorce filed and I had already done all the work. In the meantime, my ex husband was having major financial issues that were beginning to come back on me simply because we were married, although I had handed a prepared order and parenting plan to Mr. Monroe months prior for him to file. I had to constantly call his office and chase him down. Emails and phone calls were not returned and when I did finally get him on the phone he would blow me off with petty excuses of why he hasn't returned any of my calls for MONTHS at a time. I finally contacted the Board of Professional Liability in Nashville, TN to get this man to do his job he had been paid for and what does he do? Blame me. He responds that he had contacted me and that I was the one not returning his calls. Smart, Mr. Monroe. Very "Attorney-Like" of you.

    I would NEVER recommend this attorney to anyone. Not only that, I am not sure how he is allowed to continue practicing law. To top things off, I had to go hire another attorney once the divorce was finalized because HE FILED THE WRONG PAPERWORK! How does that happen you ask? Well, I only signed the back page. All the rest were easily changed/confused by he or his staff. I feel sorry for his staff, because he blames everything on them. I've even talked to a previous employee of his who is questioning how is still in practice as well. But, my favorite part has got to be when he spoke ill of ME, his CLIENT, to my EX HUSBAND in COURT. He made a comment about not wanting to deal with me. You are right. After all that you have done, I wouldn't want to deal with me either. I will NEVER, EVER forget what you put me through during that year. I wish I could. I'm trying. I am a professional. I have friends and business dealings with attorneys. They are not all bad, regardless of all the jokes that go around. But this particular attorney makes them look bad. If you read this and hire this lawyer, shame on you.