she does not call or email me or anyone backs she could have just said I am not interested in your case or she could have said just like ms ellis did i do not take landlord tenants cases? In this womans case she said nothing I emailed her on a stormy sunday and even asked her does she take these cases and she ignored me and never called or email me back i f she does not want to be bothered with clients take her name off the list? there are so many good attorneys here in memphis tn she is not one of them because she does not let you know what her expertise is and she really needs to get off of this because she does not have good client manager skills I am a college person also and that is what they tell us ethics comes before anything you do and she is not performs hers so get off if you do not want clients to ask questions or email you lady you are a big waste of time in which at my age I may not have a whole lot of? other attorneys have done much better than you at least they ask the questions and give pretty much a good answer and you are so lazy do not look at your emails and that is the reason you are listed at the bottom of the yellow pages here in Memphis Tennessee too.