I was recommended to Barbara Loevy from another attorney. I am 41 years old and have worked all of my adult life. In the past two years i've been in and out of ambulances and Memphis emergency rooms over a dozen times. Due to grand-mal seizures and sholder dislocations due to the seizures. My most recent seizure resulted in my siezing while driving, flipping my car and waking up in a hospital. Although I am still young, my body and emotional state feels defeated. I cant pay any bills (Hospital, MLGW, Food, Child support, ect).. and every day I fall furthur behind. Now, to make matters worse, my best friend.."my mother" just passed and I'm lost and falling fast. Pulling myself together, I called the office of Barbara R. Loevy to ask for assistance in fighting for my social security. I was greeted with extremly rude individuals who said "I dont think Barbara wants your case, I suggest you flip trough the yellow pages and find another lawyer" I then asked is there any way I can speak to Ms. Loevy myself. The individual told me no. I then asked the individual for her name so because I always document who I speak with. She told me no! Then hung up the phone. I'm sure, or I hope Attorney Loevy is not aware of the lack of customer service and sensetivity her employees show. This is an example of kicking a person when there down from a firm that is suppose to help. I plan to continue to try to contact this attorney, not to help with my case, but to inform her of exactly how I was treated when I asked her office for help