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John Barnes

About John Barnes

About me

The Barnes Law Firm was founded with its clients as the top priority.  That means we deliver every client a high quality, personalized, and aggressive representation, we are  available so that every client can speak with their attorney directly about their case and get the information and advice they need in a timely manner, and we provide those things at an affordable rate.  


Your peace of mind, experience, and case result drive everything we do.  That means we take on less cases per attorney than other firms so that we can spend the time necessary on your case and with you.  It also means we spend the time and money to develop the expertise required to make sure you get the best possilbe result in your case.  We think that representing East Tennesseeans is a great responsibilty and we take pride in delivering the highest quality representation.  We hope you will give us an opportunity to serve you or a loved one facing a criminal prosecution or hurt by someone else's negligence.  

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