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Camellia Saunders

Camellia Saunders’s client reviews

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  • Everything you could wish for in an attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Emily

    I started out so lost. Then a friend recommended Camellia Saunders. From the moment we meet I knew she was the lawyer I needed and wanted. Camellia made me feel my case was important and that she genuinely cared and felt she could help. And she did. As an attorney she is wise, fierce, trustworthy, and compassionate. I was very impressed. I hope to never need an attorney again however, if I do it will be Camellia Saunders. I will always recommend her.

  • Worth every dime!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kacie

    I was facing a 60-day relocation case. My husband accepted a job out of state so I had to notify my childs father of the relocation and he opposed our move. We had very little time to get all of this straightened out because my husband was already out of state starting his job while I stayed home with my children till the court case was heard. Camellia and her assistant Karen, were fantastic with communicating with me, returning my phone calls and talking through all the legal language. Camellia jumped in feet first into my case, took charge over the court scheduling, mediation and really showed her knowledge of the Knox county court system. We ended up in court 2 days after our mediation did not accomplish our goal. Camellia took the entire day to prepare every detail to argue with the opposing counsel. She killed every argument the other side had to opposing our relocation and tore into every personal detail that showed the judge there was no reason for us NOT to relocate. Camellia was extremely knowledgeable, aggressive (at the right times), responsive and trustworthy. All of this was accomplished within a month! I have dealt with 2 other attorneys who worked on other issues of child custody for us and they didn't accomplish anything in over 2 years! Camellia took my case to heart and saved my family from what could have been a nightmare. She is worth every dime and more.I would recommend her to everyone I know, just not my enemies!

  • Cunning, Clever, Competent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    Ms. Saunders took my case when the state child support office failed to get any results after about ten years. She was cunning and creative in seeing that the other party, although out of state, was served, even after he and his spouse dodged the servers on more than one occasion. Ms. Saunders went above and beyond for me and my child, and was patient with me even when I got frustrated and acted out of line. I would highly recommend her as an attorney. She got me a child support order finally and got it adjusted to reflect the past ten years of neglect on the part of the father. Words can not express our gratitude.

  • Truly Justice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Donna

    Eight long years had passes since I had seen my daughter. Her father has moved away with her after our divorce and refused to tell me where he was living. This had completely crushed me and I did not have any hopes of seeing her again. However, it turned out that his family did not agree with what he had done and what he was continuing to do. One of them ended up contacting me and gave me all of the information that I need to seek custody of my child. My daughter grew up believing that i did not love her and did not want her which broke my heart to the end. We bonded quickly and easily and i knew that I had to fight for her no matter what the cost. I knew I had an uphill battle but pursued custody all the same. Needless to say, my ex's family members fought me tooth and nail and I had serious doubts and concerns about whether I could truly prevail. I found Ms. Saunders on this site and called her up immediately. I knew she was the attorney for me the moment I spoke with her on the telephone. She was no nonsense, direct, and honest. She gave me the confidence I needed to fight for my daughter and stood by me every step of the way. She always kept me informed and spent countless hours talking to me and calming my fears. On the actual day of the trial, I was extremely terrified. My hands were shaking and I could barely speak, but the moment i saw her walking towards me, I knew that she would not let me down and let me down, she did not. Ms. Saunders walked into the courtroom and took charge. She let the other attorney know right away that she meant business and was not intimidated. After a long hearing the Judge awarded me custody of my daughter to everyone else's surprise. The only one who was not surprised was Ms. Saunders. My daughter came home with me that day and has been here ever since. We owe everything to Ms. Saunders and I can not begin to thank her for all she has done. I would recommend Ms. Saunders to anyone who is truly seeking justice for themselves and especially their children.

  • Above and Beyond

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andy B.

    Not being from Knoxville left us with a difficult task of finding a reliable attorney. When we began our search, we ran across Camellia's profile which motivated us to want to go in for a consultation. When we sat down with her and laid out the details of our situation, we felt like she took the case and made it her own. Whilst the court system can be daunting with an attorney, it can be even more frustrating without one. Camellia demonstrated her adept knowledge of the law, as well as her persistence in getting things done on our behalf. What could've taken years to fix had she not been involved, took roughly 5 months, and thats only because of the courts lack of responsibility in getting us on the dockets. I highly recommend Camellia, if you are in need of someone who understands the law, affordable, as well as someone who will work profusely to get the job done.

  • Child Support

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    Total waste of time, effort and money. Showed up 45 mins late for court, not prepared for court, didn't know why we were in court even though she set the date/time, was using google in court because she was not prepared, continued to charge for glancing at my case file when no progress was shown, charged me for other people calling her "just to talk" about my case waaayy too often to be true, couldn't follow instructions given and even when asked for copies of my case file failed to even respond. No one around to anwer phones over 3/4 the time. Without ANY work done to my case. Literally nothing was done to my case $6,000 later. After trying my best to work with her and just get the job done. I finally had to fire her. I had a lot of faith in her because of her resume. But I would only recommend her as a lawyer to my enemies never my friends or family.

    Camellia Saunders’s response: “I am very much aware of who this particular client is despite the fact that they failed to provide their name. While I could list all of the difficulties I had representing and dealing with this particular client, I refuse to lower myself to that level. However, I will say that this client made similar negative, malicious, and derogatory comments about others involved in their case. Therefore, I take this review with a grain of salt, and so should anyone else reading it.”
  • best lawyer i have had the pleasure to use

    5.0 stars

    Posted by paul

    ms saunders is extremely proffesional, knowledgable and very tenacious in court. i had to use her for visitation/custody and recieved a fairer treatment then the original order. she was even willing to work with me with my limited resources. i would recommend her to anyone in her area and surrounding counties. you would be hard pressed to find a better lawyer. i had to use her services out of state ( i live in N.Y.) and she was extremely helpful to the situation, i being military. kept me well informed telephonically, only had to appear once in court. thank you ms saunders for everything.

  • Truly pleased

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    I believe that the job she did in my case was truly amazing. I walked away from the table with everything that i wanted. I would highly suggest this family law attorney to everyone and as her motto states "Everyone deserves Justice".

  • Simply a Blessing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rebecca

    Ms. Saunders helped me and my elderly mother in so many ways. My mother would have lost her home because of identity fraud if it had not been for Ms. Saunders refsual to give up on us. Ms. Saunders fought with the bank to make sure my mother did not lose her home and was not responsible for the $30,000 mortgage taken out in her name. My mother still continues to be a victim of identity fraud but I can at least take comfort in the fact that Ms. Saunders will not abandon us to fight with collection agencies by ourselves. She selflessly makes sure my mother is taken care of and receives the services she needs as an elderly person. My health is very bad and I worry about what would happen to my mother if was no longer around. But my worries are a lot less because of Ms. Saunders. There is nothing I could give that would repay her for all she has done and continues to do out of the kindness of her heart.

  • A Rock Star Attorney Serving as an Ambassadress for Veritas et Aequitas

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janet

    Veritas (truth) accompanies Camellia Saunders as she enters a
    courtroom with the savvy of an ambassadress for Aequitas (justice).
    She is a remarkable and brilliant representative of the law who restores
    hope in the mind and heart of her client. Negotiations and plans to solve
    a problem are always in the best interest of her client. It has been
    observed that she is highly respected by her colleagues as she is
    always prepared, protective of her client and refuses to engage in any
    untruths or propaganda concerning her client. Rhetorically speaking,
    how do I know these attributes to be true? In April of 2011, I prayed
    for help as I was panic stricken that my children were in serious
    immediate danger. I had the wrong attorney and court battles were as
    such, battles. My children needed a voice and protection. Smoke
    screens were being presented to the court to divert away from the
    safety of my children. My children and I had lost all hope in the system
    and laws that protect children. A parent's visitation rights and child
    support issues became the forefront of my case instead of a solution
    for child safety. A friend suggested a law firm to me and I made the
    call. When Camellia Saunders answered the phone she immediately
    began to gather the facts and comfort me that my children would be
    protected. My experience with previous attorneys had been ineffective
    in protecting my. children and removing the smoke and guns presented
    by the opposing attorney. Camellia was most effective and brought to
    the law field respect and dignity where other attorneys have brought
    misconduct and shame. I could never thank her enough for how quickly
    she protected my children and never left me standing the rink with my
    gloves off. She is a true Ambassadress and advocate for children and
    their families. Although she is gracious in following the etiquette of the
    courtroom, fear should strike the heart of any opposing attorney who
    wishes to bring anything to the court room that isn't the truth. Justice is
    for all and justice is truth. Thank you Camellia for returning peace back
    my home and my children's lives. God answered my prayer and you
    are my Rock Star Attorney.