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Edwin A. Anderson  is a partner with Cannon & Anderson, Attorneys in Knoxville, Tennessee where he concentrates his practice in the areas of Social Security disability, probate, professional license issues, and juvenile defense.  Ed is admitted to practice before the State and Federal Courts of Tennessee and California, the United States Tax Court, and the Supreme Court of the United States. 


He earned his B.A. in Political Science from UCLA and earned his J.D. from the DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. 


A word about fes:  The fee you pay and the way you pay it, depends on the type of case you have.  Fees among attorneys vary depending on their office location, the number of years in practice and the skill of the attorney.  Typically, you get what you pay for.


For Social Security Disability Claims and Worker's Compensation Claims, our office does not charge a fee for an initial consultation.  In claims for benefits, fees for a Social Security Disability claim are typically 25% of the past-due benefits, with a cap of $ 6,000.00.  Fees for Worker's Compensation Claims are typically 20% of all benefits received by the injured worker.  There is no cap on Worker's Compensation fees, but fees above $ 10,000.00 must be approved by a judge.


For Probate Cases usually the most valuable service we offer is the initial consultation.  We charge a flat fee of $ 200.00 for the initial, one hour consultation.  If the consultation lasts significantly longer than one hour, the additional time will be charged at $ 225.00 per hour.  During the initial consultation, I will not only answer your questions, but also give you information about the process, and what to expect emotionally, financially, and legally, throughout your legal proceedings.  I will also try and help you determine whether your problem can be solved outside of court.  It is also a time for you to meet my staff and other attorneys in our office who will work with me to assist you throughout your situation.

I Am Not The Only Lawyer in Our Firm.  In fact, we have three (3).  Joel A. Cannon, Jr. is our founding partner.  He was first licensed in 1990.  Mr. Cannon's rates for hourly work are $ 250.00 per hour.  Matthew D. Duggin is our associate attorney.  Much of our Estate planning work is actually done by him.  Mr. Duggin's rates are $ 175.00 per hour.  

For Estate Planning matters, we charge a flat fee of $ 200.00 for the initial, one hour consultation.  During this time I will meet with you privately and listen to the facts of your case.  I will make recommendations as to how I think you should proceed.  If the consultation lasts significantly longer than one hour, the additional time will be charged at $ 225.00 per hour. 


In most situations, our price structure to prepare Estate Planning Documents follows this schedule:


$ 350.00 to prepare a Last Will and Testament.

$ 200.00 to preapre a Tennessee Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions

$ 100.00 to prepare an Appointment of Healthcare Agent (formerly known as a Living Will).

$ 1,250.00 to prepare a Real Property Trust

$ 200.00 to prepare each Quit-Claim Deed (as necessary for a trust)


If we prepare a "mirror document" for your spouse at the same time, the fee for the spouse's document is 50% of the fee for the first document.  For example, one will is $ 350.00.  Wills for a husband and wife are $ 525.00.


These fees include an in-office signing with notary and witness services.


A 50% non-refundable retainer is required before any documents are prepared.  The balance is due when the documents are signed, or 30 days from the date they are completed, whichever is sooner.


I look forward to working with you to help you solve your legal situation.  Call (865) 522-9000 to schedule a consultation.

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